11 comments on “Kendra Interview : Re-Up in MP4 format

  1. Tony, it just keeps “beachballing” on my Macbook Air, and my Windows Desktop plays a second before it freezes and I have to click on it again.

    I have no idea what the problem is, honestly – except I’m using Chrome on both machines.

    I downloaded the WMV, which I can at least play in VLC on my Mac….

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    I didn’t see your instructions until a few moments ago. I let it buffer, I hope, and got 20 seconds. Like Dr Darkney I am getting no arrows or other navigation controls. Unlike Dr Darkney I’m not getting the ‘loading’ single.
    I hate you’re having this problem, Tony. For all of us I hope it gets worked out.

  3. Morning Tony!
    Haven’t posted in a while soo….. Unlike Art and DrDarke I can play the video. But it works grudingly on my Windows7/Mozilla FIrefox system. This video works better than you first post two day’s ago (and I can see that one too if I’m patient enough). And like DrDarke I can download the video and play it offline later.
    Only suggestion I can think to add, is to use a site off tucsontied.com/tucsontiedblog.com? NOT YouTube by maybe MyVideo.de or something similar and link to it?
    Dunno, just an idea. Gotta trudge off to work. Thanks for the updates as always (the Colbie, Sasha Fae, and Drea Morgan pics in the past week were smoking hot)! 🙂 On my first cup of coffee here, but you get the gist. Gotta run.

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