6 comments on “Black Friday : Stacie Snow

  1. Happy Thanksgiving a day late, Tony!

    Yeah, I don’t shop on Black Friday for just this reason – I can usually find their “bargains” just as easily if I wait, or shop online. Like that Kindle Fire Tablet that had originally sold for $179, then was selling for $50 ($250 if you bought six), and is now selling for $35?

    • I…um…wound up going to Wal-Mart that day. 😛 Just for sheer grins (and my rope bag was looking a little light)…bought 400 feet of rope and a flashlight. Just wanted to see what the crowds were like…and I guess because I went out during the day it was a lot less than I thought it’d be; all the maniac bargain hunters were home by 10 am. 😛

  2. And because I keep forgetting: Not pantyhose on Stacie, but still beautiful.

    Where did you find those stockings, anyway? Makes me wish you’d done a historical bondage shoot with her in film noir clothing….

    • Those stockings were a complete disaster and joke. :/ They were from Victoria’s Secret and supposedly “high end” at $10 a pair…they didn’t last the shoot. Runs, tears, you name it…but I guess Vicki didn’t make her gear for bondage shoots… 😛

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