4 comments on “Monday, Monday…Ashley Sinclair

  1. How is that going for you, Tony? And were you able to get any help with the render speed issue?

    It strikes me, listening to Patrick Norton on THIS WEEK IN COMPUTER HARDWARE, that the issue might be how many cores you have on your gaming computer, and how many cores your rendering software can use….

    • I’m rendering the vids at 30 fps and it’s going much more smoothly and less time costly now (bad wording, but you get the point). The channel debuts Tuesday, December 1st at around 10 am my time with updates every Tuesday and Thursday to follow. I’ve got ten vids in the can (5 weeks of content), so it should be stocked for a good long time. 🙂

  2. Ashley Sinclair – black nude2waist pantyhose, heels, black kid gloves, black collar choker, bound & ballgagged – oh, yes, love that.

    I keep meaning to comment on the other thing, and forgetting in my initial post…. ::grin::

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