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On this page will be short video and text descriptions of my Full Length Videos.  These Videos run between 30 minutes and a full hour and are listed with links to their postings at UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale. Prices are listed as well.  These will be in no direct order, just a posting of what’s available, and some video snips so you can get a peek at them.  🙂

  • “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”
  • “The Kidnapping Of Stacie Snow”
  • Sasha Fae stars in: “Bikini Model?  BONDAGE Model!!”
  • “Stacie Snow’s Kinky Parole Officer”
  • Sasha Fae Stars In: “Pretty Little Package, Destined For Slavery”
  • Sasha Fae and Stacie Snow Star In: “Pretty Little Package 2”
  • Stacie Snow stars in: “Bikini Bound”
  • Sasha Fae stars in:  “The Bondage Burglar”
  • “Sasha Fae’s Home Invasion Fantasy Fulfilled”
  • “Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”
  • Stacie Snow Stars In: “Mob Daughter Abducted”
  • Sasha Fae Stars In: “The Trick IS The Treat”
  • “Candle Boxxx’s Hotel Hell
  • Sasha Fae In: “Tie Down Those Hands With That Crotch Rope”
  • Sasha Fae In: “The Bad Photographer”
  • Sasha Fae In: “Bondage Interrogation TERROR”

Let’s start off with, “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Of all the Full Length video projects I’ve done, this one is prolly my favorite…Sasha and I were firing on all cylinders with this one.  The acting is PERFECT…Sasha plays the “kidnapped by a crazed fan” part to perfection…and I make a pretty good “crazed fan” too.

Plot is simple to summarize…the video takes up after my character has brought bondage model star Sasha Fae to my place after kidnapping her, hoping that over time the ropes will no longer be necessary and “Stockholm Syndrome” will set in and we’ll be together forever.  It happened for Antonio Banderas and Victoria Abril in “Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down”, right?  😛  Well, my character isn’t so lucky and has to deal with a struggling, tied and gagged Sasha Fae as he puts her thru her bondage paces before deciding what he has to do with her…

One hour Bondage program, featuring Sasha Fae gagged ON CAMERA, bound sitting, standing, hogtied (ON CAMERA!), bound on the fold-out-bed, and finally ball tied.

Available at: UnlimitedBondage On Demand   and Clips4Sale for $19.99.


“The Kidnapping Of Stacie Snow”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Pure and simple “Kidnap” film.  This is the first ever Hour Long feature I made…naturally, I started doing this with Stacie Snow.  Had a request for a straight up “kidnap” kinda film, and was very happy to fulfill it.  This was FUN for us to film…Stacie fell into the role of kidnapped heiress PERFECTLY!

“Heiress” and party girl Stacie Snow has been abducted for ransom and sequestered away.  Being held for ransom, the kidnapper passes time (after calling Daddy to make the ransom demand) by putting the GORGEOUS red head thru bondage after bondage after bondage…until finally receiving the ransom and leaving the stunning redhead bound and gagged to a pull out couch bed, waiting for Daddy to rescue her from the extensive rope tie.

One hour program…On-screen “ransom call”, blindfold, hand gag, STRINGENT bondage, heavy rope tie, chair bondage, ON SCREEN hogtie, standing bondage, tied to the bed bondage.

Available now from UnlimitedBondage On Demand  and Clips4Sale for $19.99


“Bikini Model?  BONDAGE Model!!!” Starring Sasha Fae

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Sasha Fae is doing some bikini modeling for her photographer when he tells her about a new moneymaking opportunity.  It’s modeling of a different kind…all she’d have to do is let him tie her up and gag her and film her reactions and struggles while bound.  Seemed kinda crazy…but when she saw how much money was being offered for her to do this…well, she could try anything ONCE, right?  She agreed and allowed herself to be bound and gagged for the camera.

Things seemed to be going fine…and while definitely a different way to model, it wasn’t half bad!  What surprised her, however, was when the guy took a phone call during the shoot and the whole atmosphere of the situation changed dramatically…

One Hour program…elbows welded together, hogtie bondage, bound on the floor, standing, and laying on the pull out bed as Sasha awaits her fate…

Available now from UnlimitedBondage On Demand or Clips4Sale for $25.99


Stacie Snow’s Kinky Parole Officer”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

One of my FAVORITE Productions!

Stacie Snow has been a bad girl.  Asked to visit her Parole Officer at his home (and curious why he’d ask her to do that) just before a job interview, Stacie just wants to get this done and get going so she can get a crack at the job.  Dressed to the 9’s, Stacie is questioned about recent happenings in her life…and told that the Parole Officer knows that she’d been caught for another shoplifting incident.  This could ruin her chances to get the job…and on top of that, if the PO decides to report it in, the plucky gal could wind up doing hard time as it would be her third strike.

What can she do?  Model bondage for the Parole Officer, let him tie her up and take video and pictures of her bound and gagged and he’d make the bust disappear like it never happened.  Back against the wall, Stacie does what she has to in order to stay out of jail and allows herself to be bound and gagged for his cameras.  During the shoot, the tables turn and the girl winds up about to live a new life as a bondage model…the HARD way!

One hour production…Stacie is bound standing, sitting, struggling on the floor, frog tied in the corner, and finally left to her own devices, struggling on the couch.

Available now from UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale for $19.99.


Sasha Fae Stars In: “Pretty Little Package, Destined For Slavery”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

The first of my productions to cause a true sensation (it peaked as the #4 clip downloaded at Clips4Sale’s “Bondage Clips” category), “Pretty Little Package, Destined For Slavery” tells the story of what happens when lovely Sasha Fae is admired from afar and kidnapped for a new owner.  Two thugs kidnap, bind and gag pretty Sasha Fae, preparing her for a new mistress to guide her path in life and help her begin one as a Bondage Slave…

50 minute program, knock-outs, STRINGENT bondage (possibly the tightest I’ve ever had Sasha Fae in), on-screen bindings for most if not all ties, escape attempt, blindfold, lingerie, boots…and again, the STRICTEST bondage I’ve had Sasha Fae in!

Available from UnlimitedBondage On Demand and  Clips4Sale, “Pretty Little Package, Destined For Slavery” sells for $24.99.


Sasha Fae And Stacie Snow Star In: “Pretty Little Package 2: Dom Joins The Dominated

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

This is the sequel to “Pretty Little Package”, “Pretty Little Package 2:  Sasha Fae and Stacie Snow: Dom Joins The Dominated” takes up where the first story left off, with Sasha Fae bound and gagged and now in Stacie Snow’s possession.  Problem is…Sasha Fae is being way too willful and resisting her training to become Stacie Snow’s new pet.  Dom Stacie Snow seems to know all the answers and annoys her fellow abductor of Sasha to no end…a state that winds up with Stacie JOINING Sasha in tight, stringent bondage!

30 minute program: knockouts, on screen clothing removal (to bra and panties), stringent, tight bondage, massive tape gags, TWO models bound…and an ONSCREEN HOGTIE which takes up the last 12 minutes of the program!

Available now from UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale, “Pretty Little Package 2” sells for $15.99.


“Bikini Bound”, Starring Stacie Snow

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Stacie Snow is SET to win the big Bikini Contest…it’s prestigious and has a LARGE cash award.  Pretty much all the girls in the contest know she’s a shoo-in to win it…and one of them has decided to DO something about it.  Her boyfriend loves bondage…and as it just so happens, putting a ravishing redhead into bondage to keep his girl’s rival from winning is something he’s MORE than agreeable to do for her.  This program also includes two short videos of Stacie in a ravishing burgundy dress, pantyhose and heels bound and gagged…and a short preview video for “Pretty Little Package”.

60 minute program…Shot in HD! HEAVY bondage, elbow bondage, bikini, high heels, cleave gag, sitting bondage, floor bondage and bed bondage.

“Bikini Bound” is available at Clips4Sale and UnlimitedBondage On Demand, for $24.99


Sasha Fae stars in: ” The Bondage Burglar”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Sasha Fae comes home from a hard day’s work only to find a burglar in her home, robbing her.   Bad enough he’s robbing her, but once she’s been discovered, the burglar realizes that he’s got to keep her out of the way while he gathers the stuff he wants to rob from her.  Worse for her, this particular burglar also happens to like seeing pretty women in bondage, and delights at taking the time to tie and gag her securely while he finds things to rob.  Eventually, he leaves her to try to get free and call for help.

66 minute program…HEAVY bondage, with elbows SMASHED together, trying to escape (lunging for the door), small spattering of shoeless pantyhose bondage, crotch rope, rolling on the floor, tied standing, frogtied.  Also features clips from other TucsonTied productions.

“The Bondage Burglar” is offered at UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale  for $20.99.


“Sasha Fae’s Home Invasion Fantasy Fulfilled

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

This just recently posted to Clips4Sale after a triumphant run at Unlimited Bondage On Demand.  Sasha is looking forward to a night out with friends…but has forgotten that she had something already on her calendar…the fulfilling of her fantasy…specifically, her HOME INVASION fantasy!  TolstoyTony binds and gags her to the “10’s” as she’d asked him to (even with a rarely seen on Sasha HARNESS ball gag, which proves to be too much), ending the experience for her with an elbows together hogtie done ON SCREEN!

Fifty Minute program, home invasion, on screen bondage, on screen gagging, high heel boots, short skirt, topless, TIGHT bondage, TOUGH bondage, elbows together bondage, harness ball gag, tape gag.

GREAT stuff here and very realistic!  Available now on UnlimitedBondage On Demand  and Clips4Sale for $20.99


“Stacie Snow’s Second Burglar”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Another of my FAVORITE productions!  🙂

Stacie Snow is having a TERRIBLE day!  Her home was broken into and she was tied up…not stringently enough for her to be in trouble, really, but enough to keep her restrained.  The guy left her ungagged so she could cry out for help, and she did…only to attract ANOTHER burglar, but this one has a taste for gorgeous redheads in TIGHT bondage!  This guy ties her like he MEANS it…and spends an hour with her watching her uselessly struggle to get out of his well-tied ropework, even adding a vibrator in the crotchrope to frustrate her all the more…

Sixty minute program…hand gagging, on-screen top removal, TIGHT bondage, standing bondage, sitting bondage and an ON SCREEN HOGTIE highlights this program!

Available at Clips4Sale and UnlimitedBondage On Demand for $24.99


“Mob Daughter Abducted” Starring Stacie Snow

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Stacie Snow stars as the daughter of a mobster who’s decided she wants no further part of his life and lifestyle.  She’s ran away, started a new life and is living far away from his connections and his reach.  But seeing as she’s the last heir to his businesses, he’s not going to let her go away quietly…  Enter two thugs who discover her and her true identity…they decide it would be worth their while and all the risks involved to grab her and hold her for ransom…

On-Screen Bondage, On-Screen Gagging, Rolling on the Floor, Standing Bondage, On-Screen Hogtie, small spattering of Tickling the captive…this one has it ALL!!!

Available at UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale for $29.99


Sasha Fae Stars In: “The Trick IS The Treat”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

He thinks Halloween stinks, so witch Sasha Fae is sent to straighten him out.  Well, he was informed that she was arriving and made it so she could get in…but was powerless once she was.  He was going to take care of her thru magic…but when he saw how SEXY Sasha was…it was definitely time for some BONDAGE!

Elbows smashed together, elbows together hogtie, frantic struggling, standing bondage (with an amazing lift off the floor creating a momentary suspension), sitting bondage, laying bondage, tied to the bed, tied on the couch…this one has it ALL!

Available at: UnlimitedBondage On Demand and Clips4Sale for $24.99.


“Candle Boxxx’s Hotel Hell

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Lovely Candle Boxxx is in between flights, waiting at a Hotel room for a long layover to pass.  Without a care in the world, she turns on the television to let time pass…but she’s unaware that she’s not alone in her room!  A burglar with a love for the female form in bondage has broken into Candle’s room…and is going to spend an hour with her tying her up in a fashion only he can do!

Told with “POV” filmwork from the burglar’s point of view as he films his captivity of her, Candle is put thru her bondage paces, from everything to simple chair ties to elaborate hogties…and hold on now…is that vibrator tied into the crotch rope actually GETTING to Candle?  The last scene tells all…

TIGHT ropework, hogtie, chair tie, rolling around the floor…this 54 minute video of Candle Boxx in tight, stringent bondage has it ALL!

“Candle Boxxx’s Hotel Hell” is available at Clips4Sale and UnlimitedBondage On Demand for $24.99.


Sasha Fae In: “Tie Down Those Hands With That Crotch Rope”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

A VERY fun little production, featuring Sasha Fae in “progressive” bondage.  Two different scenes…one with Sasha in a bikini and sandals, one with her in a black dress and boots.  Both segments of this 30 minute video start with her in lighter bondage and progress up to the harder, heavier ropework stuff…the bikini bondage one even features an ON SCREEN HOGTIE!  For fans of “progressive” bondage, this one’s a complete winner!

Sasha Fae, tight bondage, progressive bondage, on screen hogtie, bikini bondage, black dress bondage.

Available at Clips4Sale, “Tie Those Hands Down” sells for $14.99.


Sasha Fae In: “The Bad Photographer”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

Model Sasha Fae and photographer Tony are getting together for their first shoot.  He promises he’ll walk  the novice model thru the paces…but what he does?  OY.  He puts her thru the paces and hits her with the HARD stuff…and when she asks to be let out?  NOT HAPPENING.  It makes for an interesting first shoot for the two, but the material they record is dynamite! (NOTE: This is NOT how I behave professionally…this was done for the pure fantasy sake, and for the plot of the piece.)

Sasha and I had FUN putting this together…it’s one of the “rope-heavier” shoots we’ve done and it really looked COOL.  Plus: a GREAT strappado!

On-screen Bondage, strappado, blindfolds, chair ties, hogtie…and most ALL the bondage is done ON SCREEN!!

“The Bad Photographer” is available from Clips4Sale for $25.99


Sasha Fae In: “Bondage Interrogation TERROR”

(Double Click on the video once playing to bring it to Full Size)

TolstoyTony has a problem.  He’s been hired to find something…and he has no idea what that something is.  All he was told was that Sasha Fae has it…and to take out all the stops in getting it, including binding and gagging the gorgeous brunette until she felt compelled to tell him where “it” is.  Thus begins a battle of wills and bondage between TolstoyTony and Sasha Fae as he tries to get to the bottom of the situation and retrieve the article for his employer.  Every time she tells him “I don’t have it”, the bondage gets stricter, tighter and rougher until her sexy, tight body is almost COVERED in intricate ropework.

Eventually she DOES tell him…but what she tells him only deepens the problem and throws in a monkey wrench and a twist he didn’t see coming…leading to even MORE bondage!  Will he EVER get to retrieve the thing he’s been sent to find…or will he just have to push her endurance to the max before she FINALLY says something useful?

Strict, TIGHT bondage, practically ALL of the ties are done ON SCREEN, hundreds of feet of rope used, blindfolds, on-screen hogtie…and two “to the ceiling ties” designed to get Sasha to talk and tell TolstoyTony where what he’s looking for is.

Available from Clips4Sale and UnlimitedBondage On Demand, “Sasha Fae’s Bondage Interrogation Terror” runs for 63 minutes (with a bonus preview for “Sasha Fae’s Home Invasion Fantasy Fulfilled”), and sells for $24.99.


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  1. Hi Tony,

    I’ve purchased a couple of the clips which showed screenshots of Sasha either barefoot or in stockings/hose. I’d like to purchase some more clips. Can you tell me which clips/videos feature Sasha (or Stacie) barefoot or in stockings?


    • Hey, EL! 🙂 It’s just after 1 am as I’m writing this…wanted to say something before I go to bed. 🙂 I’ll find you a full answer in the morning…but it should do your heart some good to know that I just did a vid with Janessa in hose! 🙂 It’s coming soon…I’ll update this when it posts…but in the meantime, I’ll go thru my content and see what sets/vids have Stacie and/or Sasha stocking/bare/hose footed. 🙂

  2. Hi Tony,

    Haven’t heard back from you yet and I’m guessing it’s because going through the vidz can be quite a tiresome process.

    If I may give a suggestion (specifically for this situation as well as a general suggestion).
    The clipz/vidz on your membership site and clips4sale site are not accompanied with enough screenshots. The clipz typically only come with 1 or 2 screenshot pics which makes it difficult for buyers like myself to know if the content is something that is desired. If you happen to have more detailed screenshots, please let me know so I can look through them myself and purchase the clips with the barefoot/stockings content. In my opinion having more screens will also help you sell more clips.


    • Hey, EL! The site is set up for only 1 screenshot (at C4S, that’s something we can’t control…that’s just the way they’re set up, unfortunately), so when we choose a screenshot or still, we make sure to make it totally indicitave of what the clip is…right down to the gag type. 🙂

      Anyway…here we go. 🙂 Going alphabetically, Addie Juniper 1 and 2 are barefoot. Be advised that those are early clips, before I came into my own, quality wise. One has Addie in Daisy Duke type shorts and a green top, the other in jeans and no top. Cali Logan 2 features cali in pantyhose and nothing else…she’s tied “lotus” style. 🙂 Candle Boxxx 2 & 3 feature Candle barefoot; both are with her on a bed and in her underwear (topless), one is a “lotus” tie, the other a hog tie. Candle is also the only model I’ve ever done a “Forced Orgasm” bondage with…that was done with her barefoot. 🙂

      The video of Emily Addison with her dressed in a “Hooters” outfit is with socks and the traditional stockings. Fayth On Fire in a Hooters outfit was done with just stocking foot. I’ve also tied Fayth completely nude…obviously, she’d barefoot in that one. 🙂 My very first video with Isobel Wren featured her in stockings and lingerie, both black. That’s a HOT one! 🙂 Kerri Taylor is also tied in the nude…that one’s been selling quite a bit lately…”She Likes It Dark; He Likes The Lights On” was the title of that one. 🙂

      Kimberly Marvel’s videos are interesting to go thru as in a few of the older ones, she kicks off her shoes and goes bare/stocking foot for half the vid…let me watch those thru and get back to you. Nyxon did 4 vids with me…one in a “lotus” position and gagged with wraparound the head tape gag, and the other in a red corset, struggling on the floor…that one was in pantyhose with no shoes. Two of Shannon’s four vids with me featured her in stocking foot bondage…look for the short jeans skirt and red bandanna cleave gag…those are ESPECIALLY hot! 🙂

      Stiletto’s second bondage with me was in pantyhose…she’s sitting on the stool. Tracy Jordan’s second bondage with me started with sandals, but she kicks them off to reveal pantyhosed feet. She’s sitting on a chair in front of my bookcase for that one, white top, black skirt. The fourth video I cut with stacy Burke was a barefoot hogtie…you’ll know that one by the god-awful bed spread she’s laying on that I should have removed from the bed…lmao! Two of my other videos with Stacy Burke feature her barefoot…one in a pink dress and one clad only in lingerie.

      Stacie Snow’s very first video with me was stocking foot. Look for a blue, open button top and black skirt with a white cleave gag. Then, the blue top, blue jeans skirt hogtie with pantyhose. Next, in a black dress tied into a lotus tie…again with pantyhose. I also have her on my bed in black lingerie and black stockings; glasses and a black cleave gag as well. A VERY severe lotus tie her wearing panties and nothing else (brown rope for that one), and next a couple with her in black pantyhose with her hands tied under her knees…one of those has her hands tied off to a door knob. After that, I kept her shoes on for a ton of videos, and by the 34th vid, we finally did something pantyhosed…in a black dress with beads on the front. Her hair was in a braided ponytail for that one. The next one was a frog tie with her wearing pantyhose and nothing else…that one was a classic and severly hot. The only vid I did with her bound with tape is with her wearing pantyhose under jeans. Another video from that shoot featured her in jeans, pantyhose under the jeans, a TIGHT grey top and white pumps…which she kicks off midway thru the vid to reveal pantyhosed feet. White rope binds her in that one.

      I THINK that’s it…I’ll get back to ya on Kimberly Marvel. 🙂 Hope this helps!


  3. Thanks Tony! This is great!

    Just one last question…..
    Does this mean that none of clips featuring Sasha Fae contain barefoot/stocking content?

    • That went quicker than I thought! 🙂 Sasha…the closest to barefoot/hosiery foot I have of her were some flat sandals that were a part of this Long Play : http://www.clips4sale.com/store/30889/7287187 It’s the bikini scenes…three videos at the front…check it out! 🙂

      Kimberly Marvel…there’s one of her in a bikini that has her barefoot, one in a business suit and ball gagged tied with pink rope where her shoes come off while she’s struggling, one where she’s tied to my bedframe with green rope and tape gagged, one where she’s sitting in front of a curtain in a chair, hands in front, tied with pink rope in which she takes off her shoes. Another with the curtain backdrop has her with her hands under her knees and tied with green rope and is barefoot…and finally, one set in my apartment with her hands under her legs, and in pantyhose.

      PHEW! More than I thought! 🙂

  4. Hi, i’m from Russia, Yakutsk. Isn’t you & Sasha russians? I guess it’s because of your last name & her name. I like your job. I myself do bondage sets with my wife=).

  5. Tony, I can’t view WMV streaming files on Chrome for Windows 10 for some reason – I keep getting “Plugin Not Supported”, and I can’t download to convert to a file format I can view.

    Can you please use MP4 or some other format that’s not just old Windows?

    • When I got started in the biz, WMV was everywhere and MP4 was non-existant…nowadays, of course, that’s a massively different story. 🙂

      My main file format that I go for IS MP4 now, tho I also render in WMV for folks who’re still hanging onto it…like me. 😛 I like WMV as, when you click on the thumbnail of the vid, it gives you a minute count and detailed info about the video; something that MP4 doesn’t do. I also just like the format as I “grew up” on it, and I’m sure people are still using it. However, MP4 is a faster file type to render to and is more versatile and is being used by more places (Twitter, for example, won’t accept WMV files), so it’s my first choice as a render when I make my vids.

      This leaves the problem of the literally hundreds of vids in my years of doing this…ugh. I’ll see what I can do about re-rendering them…but obviously it’s gonna be a loooooong process…stay tuned. 🙂