Madre di DIOS! (“Mother of GOD”)…I has “Con Cold”. 😛 Thought I didn’t, but LORD, I feel awful today. Fortunately, it’s for the most part run it’s course…just need to regroup, stay quiet tomorrow and Wednesday, edit content…and heal. 🙂

Anastasia Rose from my last shoot with her.


Dammit…all my FetCon shooting is done. 🙁 But I have to say, I really kicked it up a notch this year…what a great model cast, what fan-freaking-tastic shoots, what a TIME was HAD!! Started off the day with Rachel Adams. LOVED the shots I did and even managed to snag me one VERY artistic shot too…gonna have it poster printed and put it on my wall, I do believe…

Finished my day and my Con with Enchantress Sahrye (ironically, I was her last shoot of the Con as well). Gawd, but that gal is a gas to work with…what a pistol! I feel my batteries get charged just working with her, she’s so energetic…what an amazing woman!

I’ll write more when home…