3 comments on “A Hitchhiker Gets Kidnapped Today…

  1. Hope your get your upload speed fixed soon. Looking forward to your new “catch” as well (sorry ’bout the pun – couldn’t resist)! Just reactivated my FetLife membership CAUSE OF YOU TONY! 😛 Even blamed you for a friend request to Brad of JackieBound…..
    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Day(weekend). I actually got some shopping done yesterday (NOT like me) almost caught up on XMas shopping. Keep seeing stuff I want, but it’ll have wait until after New Years. DARN IT! 😛

  2. Geez, Tony! Having your Internet slow to a crawl on Thanksgiving Week sucks huge, man.

    I just wanted to write and let you know – We’re All Counting On You. Good Luck.

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