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  1. I was checking out you blog when I read about your friend Angel. Very sorry to hear about her illness. I really do hope things things go well for her. I’ve had some experience with “the big C” and it’s never much fun, but it can be beaten. (I’m reminded of a short story I once read by a writer named Norman Spinrad called “Carcinoma Angels”. It is, if you can believe it, a funny story about cancer. It’s one of the stories in Harlan Ellison’s “Dangerous Visions” anthology and I commend it to your attention. Without going into details of the the story, I do think one of the points of that story is that one of the reasons the disease cancer has such a hold on us is our fear of it. If we can beat the fear, we are much more likely to beat the disease). Read the story. And best wishes to Angel.

    I just became a member of your website about a month ago and since then, I’ve been downloading pictures and videos like crazy. Stacy Snow, who I had never heard of before I joined has quickly become one of my favorite models, although, (and meaning no disrespect to Stacy), VIP remains my favorite. I’ve also become very enamored of Shannon and Pantera. I’ve joined Stacy’s yahoo group and now check it out regularly, (though sadly, I havn’t joined yours because about a year ago I foolishly joined grouply which makes me ineligible). Oh, well. I’ll just keep posting here.

    I have to mention something that might seem a little odd. Or crazy. When viewing pictures of some tightly tied winsome lass, I’ve had occasion to notice your DVD fill bookcase. I can tell you are a “Buffy” fan because I recognize the DVD covers on your case. The same covers that are in my own bookcase. Clearly we have the same taste in entertainment. (My own bookcase contains, in addition to numerous movies, the complete series of “Buffy”, “Babylon” and “Battlestar”. The “Killer B’s”, I call them.) I have absolutely no reason to bring this up, except that I found it interesting. And why I would even be looking at the bookcase when a lovely lady is struggling in ropes in front of it, well I leave it to all you amateur psychologists to puzzle out.

    Any word on your (hopefully) upcoming meeting with the wonderful VIP? Last I heard on her group, she was in Vegas so she is clearly headed in your direction.

    And I’m gonna bring this up for no other reason except that I think it’s sort of funny. I was reading old messages on VIP’s group and discovered long after the fact that she had paid a visit to my town. This happened several years ago, when I hadn’t really heard of her. My response when I saw that she had once been here was “wha, who, why, whathefu- and various other strangling noises. Basically I was wondering why she would want to come here. Turns out my little city (Springfield, IL) has its very own bondage producer, JB Roper. I had no idea. And I had once had a membership on his website, too. And she has in the past done photoshoots with him. One good one as I recall, with Vivian in this cowgirl outfit….

    Well that’s all for now. I do hope your friend Angel wins her battle.

  2. WOW!! Yet another “Tolstoy” of a post! We have more in common than you think…lol.

    I’ve more or less made my peace with “Grouply”…feel free to join up at my Yahoo Group. This is mainly because after many, MANY spam attempts to get at my group member’s e-mail and password information, I basically blasted the crap outta them in a vile and vicious e-mail…they responded that my group would no longer be included in their group mailings, and thus far they’ve stood by that. I’d love to have you at the Yahoo Group…nothing like having another “Tolstoy” in the house. I will be monitoring your posts tho…and if Grouply spams the group in your name (they do that…I have it on record from victims of it), I’ll have to remove you, but I don’t think that’s laible to happen. PLEASE do stop by and join the TucsonTied Yahoo Group!


    I should probably take down that whole “anti-Grouply” line…but I’m still cautious about the whole thing…but I’m certain I can trust ya, John. 😉

    THANK YOU for joining the website!! I’m glad you’re loving it! It’s ironic that you mention Shannon and Stacie in almost the same breath as they have VERY similar personalities in real life, and I get the feeling they’d become fast friends if they were ever to meet.

    That bookcase has gotten many a comment…lol. Models LOVE my collection! And yuppers…”Buffy” is indeed a fave, along with “Angel”. Took me forever to find all 6 seasons, but I now have the entire “Highlander” tv series collection as well, along with other faves, “The Pretender” and the Lynda Carter “Wonder Woman” series. Hearing that you check the background lets me know that you have an eye for detail…which means I better be up to snuff on my ropework…lol.

    Thanks for all the well-wishes for Angel. Mark my words, she’s gonna beat this, and I’ll be laughing soon at all the concern that I had that she wouldn’t. She’s one of the toughest out there…it’s gonna be a fight, but I’m certain she’s gonna win.

    No word from Viv just yet. She’s probably gonna stay a night while passing thru…hopefully I can work in a shoot while she’s here! My better ropework NEEDS to be modeled by Viv… 😉 She’s definitely one of my faves too!

    John, again, join the Yahoo Group…I’m certain I can trust ya…lol. But if you “Grouply Gnomes” are out there reading this, thinking you’re gonna scam the TucsonTied Yahoo Group for e-mail addresses and passwords…I monitor all incoming messages…your crap won’t see the light of day. Honest messages from honest posters, however, will…and are GREATLY appreciated!


  3. Hello Tony,

    Please pass on my regards and get well wishes to your “sis”. I won´t do it personally because I don´t know her (shame lol).

    But at least the diagnosis seems to be very positive, and I´m sure if she keeps positive she will beat it.

    She certainly looks and seems a lovely girl.

    Best Wishes


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