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  1. TolstoyTony I’m hopeful that you all are finding the blog and it’s overly-wordy wordsmith amusing/entertaining and I’m making your ..time at home more enjoyable ABSOLUTELY TONY (and Arielle Lane samples help too)! πŸ˜‰ For those who still HAVE a steady paycheck you can find more of the lovely Arielle at
    Sorry to hear the coronavirus is effecting Arizonia(?) Tony. One week, without work, under NY Gov. Mario Cuomo’s “shelter in place” edict (for me anyway). Getting cabin fever real bad. Today is 68 degree’s almost 70, a decent spring day. Went outside for some fresh air and to a local park. Don’t worry I was keeping “social distance” (that’s seven feet apart for those who don’t know). Most adults were doing the same. Some were walking their dog, I saw a Dad playing ball with his son (cool Dad), kids are off from school and traveling on bicycles in packs. Not doing anything wrong per say (no different than what I’d be doing with a free “vacation”) although some of them are dumb enough to be traveling in the middle of the road and interfering with the cars that ARE on the road (IE: They’re taking the lack of traffic for granted, and when a car DOES come along aren’t real quick to yield the right of way). Stupid kid stuff, or a “Darwin Award” in the making you be the judge (it’s all over Twitter and Facebook)
    I THINK President Trump just signed the Coronavirus Relief bill into law today (not 100% sure about that). He then proceeded to go on a Twitter rant about ventilator’s (NY Gov. Cuomo was all but DEMANDING that the Fed’s release the ventilator’s stockpile now)! :O
    For once I don’t disagree with Cuomo. IF I get a check in the mail (should be on NY State unemployment too) – it’s already spent on my car loan (I noticed tow truck and delivery drivers are still employed). Towing car’s for being behind on payments is supposedly suspended in Long Island/Metro NY area for the time being. Ditto traffic tickets, traffic court, etc. Get plenty of canned goods, toilet paper (can’t believe that’s a thing – this isn’t Russia), boxed milk might not be a bad idea (you need something to pour over your cereal in the morning)! Wash your hands often (stock up on hand soap and bar soap too). Stay safe everyone. Check up on your elder’s and neighbors if you can.

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