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  1. ROTFL! Yes – I’m sure this is every rocker the first time he met a Rope Bunny groupie…unless he was into it already himself!

    You can make your own list of which rock stars you suspect are into bondage – I certainly have.

    • I’ll share one of mine…Britney Spears has done a few ads with either her mouth taped or her eyes blindfolded…and her Vegas concert that she released on DVD back from early in her career has her at the start of the concert getting her hands bound in front by her dancers and walking around showing off the bondage…

      Always thought Brit was bondage-positive after I saw that. 🙂

      • I’d read a story that while during an after-party when The Go-Gos were touring, Belinda Carlisle was bound with her arms behind her and made out with some of the other girls. Carlisle has also had some BDSM imagery in her solo music videos.

        Since Jane Wiedlin has publicly come out as a Domme, I think we all know who might have been responsible for that….

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