10 comments on “Ashley Sinclair Interview

  1. ::sigh:: Video clips are a pain in the ass, Tony – as somebody who used to use them all the time on my site, I know!

    • Was there something wrong with the clip, DR? Did it not play for you? I “Previewed” the clip before I sent it out to the blog and it played fine on my Firefox…did it not play for you?

      • I was using a Mac, Tony – and it kept asking me to update Flip2Mac software, which I had to pay for.

        I seems to work okay in Windows, though….

      • Well, except for the clip slowing and restarting abruptly, that is!

        I’ve got a five-six year old Win 7 machine, which might explain it….

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Fun interview, Ashley’s a sweetheart. The only problem I had with the intervied was getting it to play. It stopped every few seconds to buffer again. Took several minutes to play, but that’s common on this machine. Having said that, picture and sound was fine.

    • I needed a plugin for my FireFox for Windows media to get these top play myself…try looking into that and check your browser settings and such. Good Luck!

      • I don’t know, I can get the Cobie one to play, but this one and the Brooke one do not seem to want to load. I’ve checked my settings and have all the appropriate plugins for my browser.

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