2 comments on “BEYOND Busy Today

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Let me see if I have this right. You need to take a rest from tying up beautiful women? All I can say Tony, is that I wish I had your problems. Get rested up, we need our ‘fix’.

    • Yup…I’m a “needy” bastard when it comes to the “me” time…lol! 🙂 Occasionally, when the shoot life gets too hectic, the desire to be “Tony” versus “TolstoyTony” gets quite large…and it can effect how I work too.

      Think of it this way…if you eat the same food over and over again for a month, don’t you lose the taste for it? Same for tying the girls…if I do it too much, I don’t even wanna SEE a rope for a while, and my PS3 becomes my best friend. 🙂 So, I try to keep it light…2-3 shoots a month works fine. 🙂

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