I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for her…

I caught her just as she was getting home from work. Cutest little black dress and heels. And she? Oh, she was a hottie, to be sure. But then again, I have a weakness for the dark-haired Hispanics…

“You…you’re a burglar, right?”

“Yeah…” I said, waiting for her to scream or some such nonsense.

“Are you…are you gonna tie me up? I mean…you HAVE to tie me up, right?”

THAT was new. Been doing the whole burglary thing for quite some years…never had a home owner ask that. “Don’t necessarily HAVE to, hon…you could just sit on the couch and…”

“Oh, NO, you don’t get out of this THAT easily. If you’re a robber, there’s a chance I’ll scream, and that’s a BIG chance…you’re gonna have to tie and gag me.”

“I mean, I’m trying to be reasonable here. I tie pretty tight…”

Her breath quickened when I said that. Almost in anticipation. “If you don’t tie me up and gag me, I’m gonna scream to high heaven until the cops from two states over come to get you…”

“Alright, alright, alright…” I say and she jumps up a little, looking kinda giddy.

“I know I’m asking a lot, but can you leave the TV? It’s the only thing I don’t have insured.”

“Bloody thing’s too big for me to carry, anyway…” I say, then spin her around and clamp my hand onto her mouth.


“If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this right, understand? No bitching, no complaining, just me tying you up. Understand?” She nodded in agreement. “Good girl. Brought some rope with me, but not any gags…you gonna be quiet?” In response to that, she pointed at a cabinet. I walked around to it with her still in my grasp. Opening it, I found a small cache of bondage gear…rope, duct tape…and an…ahem…”personal massager”. SOMEone likes bondage.

“Continue to be a good girl,” I said to her, “I’ll use the massager on you in a few places before I leave…” She bounced a bit in my grasp, then gave me a “thumbs up” as an agreement. “Gonna take my hand away so I can start tying you…no screaming.” She nodded.

Got to talking with her as I tied…turns out she’s a decent sort…9-5 job that pays her way in life with some “fun” money left over, and a love of being tied up she got early. She wasn’t sure how she came to love it, but she did…it got her off, and that was all that mattered.

Put a decent tie on her then went to tape gag her. “That’s some good shit right there,” she commented. “It’ll keep me quiet for hours without coming loose. You, um, meant what you said about the vibe, right? I haven’t been vibed by someone in ages…MMMMMPH!” First strip went on and made the conversation moot.

I mean what I promise…turned her on her side and plugged the vibe in…pulled the bottom of her dress up and her pantyhose down and just let it go to town. Took almost literal seconds for the thing to bring her to climax, and she was quite the happy girl as it did. I could almost make out the word “Again” from her gagged mouth, and to be fair, the vibe DID bring her off quickly, so I hit her again with it…took a bit longer the second time as she was recovering from the first orgasm, but she did eventually go over.

“Now…I’ve got what I wanted from you. How long do I leave you like this before calling the cops?” She looked up, as if in deep thought, then held up three fingers with one hand. “Three hours, then?” I asked, and she shook her head yes. “Alright then…but before I go, I’m helping myself to a handful or two of those boobs…” I pulled down the top of her dress and started feeling them, her eyes closing in appreciative response to my attentions.

“Same time next week?” I quipped as I went to leave. I was only joking, but she started shaking her head in massive approval….

Janessa for today.


My Neighbor has always been a bit….off.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous and I’d love to get to know her better, in a relationship-kinda way, but she’s just felt like she was…eh, “off”. Always rushing to be somewhere…and with an odd obsession of Home Depot. I swear, I always see her carrying bags from Home Depot. Nobody shops THAT much there, unless…

Oh, wait.

So, I put together what I thought was 2+2 in my mind and was hoping I came up with a “bondage 4″…and the next time I saw her, the bag from Home Depot was clear. Pretty sure I saw rope and duct tape…I get you now, dear.

“Hey there,” I said as I walked up to her. “I need to get to ‘Dom’ Depot myself. Pretty sure I need some more rope…”

She sized me up and down, deciding if she wanted to continue the conversation. “Got some projects you need to finish?” she said after a bit.

“Well, yeah…And some electrician’s…’bundling’ tape…”

“The type that doesn’t stick to hair when doing a wrap-around-the-head tape gag, maybe?” she replied, lowering her voice a bit.

“OK, so I DID figure you right…”

“Alright….all cards on the table, then.” She moved in so we could talk better with hushed voices. “I’ve been going through rope like crazy lately. I’m terrible at self-ties and always wind up cutting myself out.”

“Good that you’re taking care with things…but ouch. Cutting CAN be costly if you’re using specially bought ropes…”

“I just found ‘Dom’ (that’s cute, by the way) Depot’s supply. and have been buying there…yah, otherwise it gets costly.”

“I go with cotton clothesline…when I have a partner, anyway. It’s been way too long since I’ve played…”

She took me by the hand and said…”OK, that’s it. You’re coming with me. I’m in need of a hogtie to straighten out my back…”

Dez for today.


Damn bikini contest…

My girl is all fired up about winning some fool contest…problem is, there’s this other chick who’s almost guaranteed to win…and once I had her all tied up and gagged, I saw why.

She was a total knockout; slamming body with grade “A” boobs…an amazing figure and look. Watching her struggle against the ropes I had her tied in was quite the sight…but something started to happen to her. She started moving less and less, and her breathing got real rapid and deep. Her pelvis started thrusting…was she trying to push the crotchrope even deeper into herself than it already was? I moved over behind her to see if she was okay and she started grunting into her gag…I was able to make out what she was saying…and she was telling me to grab her boobs.


Then out of nowhere, she starts convulsing…and her bikini bottom gets wet as all get out; she was exploding into an orgasm! I took the gag off…figured she’d be too tired to scream…

“What…what was that? I mean, you’ve kidnapped me, right?”


“Why am I so turned on right now? Fuck, but that rope feels so GOOD between my legs, and your hands on my boobs…I could just explode…” And she did; into another thunderous orgasm. “Christ…what’s going ON here?”

“Nothing to be ashamed of…you just enjoy being tied up. You’ve never been tied before? Not even fuzzy cuffs with a lover?”

“Never…wow. So intense…and you…you did a pretty good job here!”


“If you hadn’t just kidnapped me, I’d be all over you right now…”

“Who says I have to be your kidnapper?” I asked as I came around to face her. We came to an agreement. Fuck the contest, fuck my now-ex girlfriend…I’d just found a connection to someone who appreciates me and what I can do with a rope…

Stacie Snow for today.


Never a dull moment…

I’m a private eye. I got hired to bring back a waylaid wife…her husband told me she was kidnapped. The trail led me around and about town until I caught up to her, tied up and gagged on a couch’s pull-out bed. Took the gag off to let her know she was OK…

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” she spat out at me.

“Don’t worry…I’ll have you out of this in no time…”

“The hell you will!” she yelled then rolled away from my grasp. “What did he tell you, that no-good husband of mine, that I was kidnapped or something?”


“Bastard. Can’t let go of me, but won’t let someone who WILL take care of my needs have me. I’m here willingly and enjoying this bondage…it’s been a long time since someone’s tied me this good. Now, look…be a good boy and put the gag back…walk out of here and pretend you never found me. I’m safe; well, I will be until someone tries to drag me back to that assho…MMMMPH!”

I let it go at that. Put the gag back (at which she nodded and gave me a “THNNKS” from her gagged mouth) and stood by and let her struggle a bit. She gave me a little bit of a show for my troubles and I left…

I mean…what would YOU do?

Sasha Fae for today.


This was interesting…

I clean hotel rooms for a living. So, when I got to one room and said my usual, “Housekeeping?” and got a response of,


I used my key and went it…to find the room occupied with a woman in bondage. Tied and gagged on her bed. I took the gag off…

“Phew, thanks. My boyfriend was supposed to get me out about an hour ago. Not that I’m complaining, but….”

“Um…there’s a note on the desk…”

“Can you read it to me? I’m a bit too tied up at the moment to do so.” I can’t believe she went to that pun.

“Geez. It’s short…’Yah, I’m done with this.’ What a classless asshole!”

“I could’ve gotten out eventually…dammit. I knew something was up when he tied me so loosely…”

“Yah, that did seem like a lame bondage…”

She arched an eyebrow and said, “Think you can do better?”

“Let me finish my rounds for this floor, and I’d be happy to…”

Arielle Lane for today.


“Are you SURE about this?”

“Definitely. I’ve ALWAYS loved being tied up and gagged. AND…you get to be creative when you put the ropes on me and stuff. Not to mention what you can do when we involve my vibrator…”

“I just wanted to hear you say that. This is pretty out there, babe. Just wanted to be sure this was a turn-on.”

“oooooh, yeah…” she said and put her wrists behind her back for tying. I was dubious when she brought this up and put her off several times, but now it was game time.

The tying was simple enough, I guess…and it accented her legs and body magnificently. Couldn’t help but notice her starting to get turned on…her breathing practically tripled in it’s rate. I…

“Hey there, sailor…is that a baton in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?” she quipped…and sure enough, my OWN arousal had sprung to life…

“Wow…guess you found something for us to do….” I said, laughing as I gagged her. “Alright, pretty girl…show me how sexy you are while you try to get out of this…” She did too. It was out best sex night ever…

Andrea for today.



It’s the day after my last posting.I went into the office for the first time in three years of work-at-home. How did it go? Well.

The office is HUGE…the building is a LOT bigger than I thought it was. Not gonna lie…got lost on my way out. 😛 Obviously found my way home or I wouldn’t be typing right now. I still love the job and believe in the work. Their break room is astounding…foosball table, pool table, hoop shooting like you see in arcades, a cafeteria…they take good care of us. The only thing troubling me right now is the distance I have to travel to get to the shop.

I’m a bus rider and have to fathom out the route to getting there on time…assuming there even IS one. Dunno yet if the buses go out that way. AND, I work the weekends…buses don’t run that late then. Uber is OK, but costly. I’ll work it out tho. The money makes it worth it. 🙂

Brooke Thomsen for today.



So…Dunno if you guys know it, but I’ve been at a “work-from-home” vanilla job for a little over three years now. Well, as of today, that ends and I have to actually go IN to the office. I have an actual commute again. JFC.

I make these posts ahead of time, as you know…I’m sitting here just three or so hours before my first commute. Gonna get in some gaming goodness then head out. This is gonna suck.

What isn’t bad is these shots of Cali Logan. She’s awesome and you can see more at the main site, TucsonTied.com.



“Just relax, honey. Soon as I pull the information off your computer, I’ll be out of your pretty hair.”


“No, it IS pretty, stop berating yourself.”

“THNNK U. Unnerstnnd mrph?”

“‘Course I understand you. What kind of international data thief would I be if I didn’t understand a gagged person I’m theiving from. Besides…you’re not my first rodeo. Sexiest one I’ve tied in a while, but not the first.”

“Thhhnnnks. Urrr kinna hawt tooooo…”

“You keep THAT up and I’m gonna have to pull out and play with your boobs a bit…”

“Prmmmses, prmmses.” At that, I turned in my chair and looked at her straight in the eye. In response, she puffed out her chest and started moving her torso from side to side, swaying her obviously lovely chest at me.

“Well, now. The data is saving to my portable hard drive…”

“Hppflly th drvve innit th nnnly thnng hrrd ‘rnnd hrrr…”

She got me with that one. “No dear…the hard drive just now ISN’T the only thing ‘hard’ around here….let me have a feel of those boobs…”

“awsssmmmeeeee….” We’ve been playing bondage scenarios for a while now, but this one REALLY got me going. Where does she come up with this stuff…?

Dez for today.


It happened innocently, as it always does.

We were watching TV together, my arm across her shoulder, she was leaning into me and resting on me…and then the adventure show hit us.

“MMMMMMRRRRRPPPHHH!!!” the pretty heroine cried out as cloth full of chloroform was pressed against her nose and mouth. The actress sold the kidnapping well…she struggled against her kidnapper’s grasp and thrust around to try to get away, but to no avail…she eventually passed out and into his arms.

He put her down onto the ground and produced a roll of duct tape which he began wrapping across her body to restrain her. After she was well and goodly tied and gagged, he thrust her limp body over his shoulder to carry her off to a waiting getaway van. But we had lost the plot at this point.

My gal gave me a polite squeeze in a certain spot to check my engagement…and found that I had indeed become aroused at the scene we just witnessed. “Is that some want to tie me up I feel, or are you just happy to see me?” she quipped.

In response, I followed her pattern and put my hand beneath her shirt and found a nipple…”I’m not the only one, here, babe. Goddamn it; can we watch just ONE TV show without getting here?” I chuckled and gave her a kiss on the cheek. She leaned into it, then picked herself up off the couch and grabbed a roll of duct tape.

“We’ve never done a duct tape tie,” she remarked. “C’mon, babe; this show was lame anyway…tie me up.” She put the roll of duct tape we only usually used for gagging on my lap, then put her back to me and put her hands behind her. I responded by standing behind her and cupping my hand over her mouth.


“OK, pretty girl. Your boyfriend better lose that race if he expects to see you again!” I said, trying to be as menacing as I could manage.

She shot me back a “thumbs up” (so I knew she was OK with the scenario I’d picked) then started struggling against my grasp. “Don’t make this harder than it has to be. Put your hands behind your back and stay quiet.” As always, my woman was a completely obedient captive…I taped her wrists behind her and she stayed silent as I did. Then, I ripped off a strip of tape and plastered it over her mouth.

“MMMMMMMM!!” she cried out as I put several more over that to keep the first one plastered down.

I kept going, laying layer of tape after layer of tape onto her until she was fully helpless. “All right…I’m gonna leave you here while I send your racecar boyfriend a ransom note telling him I have you…stay put.” That was code for “I’m gonna sit on the couch and watch you struggle until I’m ready to take you to bed” and she knew it as she struggled mightily against the tape.

It wound up being quite the night and we’re investing in tons of duct tape…

Stacie Snow for today.