3 comments on “Brooke Thomsen

  1. ROTFL! That last picture of Brooke is hilarious, b/c her facial expression says, “Yeah, okay, I have tits…. Go ahead and take a look, ya perv….”

  2. Glad you’re beating COVID Tony (might want to add some hot sauce to those enchiladas or maybe extra jalapeno’s)? Great Brooke Thomsen samples. Hope you FetCon was fruitful and yeah I saw the Lil’ Missy, Anastasia Rose and Blair Blousson blog posts. Hopefully you can post some FetCon stories when you’re able…

    • Y’know, for it being the first one back after three years, it was pretty run of the mill, to be honest. I networked a lot more than I usually do, but the rest was all pretty cookie-cutter to other years that I went. Nothing really stood out. (shouldershrug)

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