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  1. I love you writing this from the female cat burglar’s PoV! It’s really funny to see how she experiences all this “bondage stuff”.

    I do wonder what happens when the model he actually hired shows up – does he just roll with it and do a two-person shoot? And does she filch a FetishCon badge from her co-star and start looking for modeling work…?

    So many questions! So Many Potentially-Delightful Answers!

    PS: Nothing even close to that has ever happened to me, either. ::sigh::

  2. Tolstoy Tony quote,”No, nothing like this happens during FetCon…sadly…” LOL! Can’t say I’m surprised though. Great storyline (and DrDarke’s thoughts have potential)! 😉

    • Thanks, Stryder!

      The only person I kind of know it happened to is Jim Weathers, where he and Jewel Evans met – and it was like The Thunderbolt Hit Them Both. They went from meeting, to spending the weekend together, to her moving out to L.A. to live with him…and they were married the next year….

      I’d hired Jewel to be in an Agents of BOUND shoot, so A.J. Khan (who I’d also hired, and used a lot) and I both saw it happening from the outside.

  3. @Tucson Tony Forgot to ask… HOW are you doing with your COVID symptoms (vaccinated or not). Are you over the worst of it or are you still feeling the effects? I for one would NOT want to be on a plane or any other form of public transportation right now! NY state just made it optional to mask up on buses and trains – glad my car runs well.

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