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  1. You my friend, will never have a modeling contract with the coca cola company because you disparaged the mahagony nectar of the gods!

  2. LOL…good thing I don’t wanna model. 😉 Remember, I’m the PHOTOGRAPHER here. 😉 Well, I guess if they have any sexy soda workers they need tied, gagged and photographed, I’m in trouble…;)

  3. Pete…you could not be more wrong. I respect my models more than any producer in the business! Without them, I would not be in business at all! If you ask any woman I’ve ever worked with, they will tell you WITHOUT DOUBT that I’ve treated them the best I possibly could!

    The Forced Orgasm video which you’re referring to was done with respect, and was done with Candle’s full permission. We actually had a BLAST filming it! Laughing and smiling the whole way thru!

    “FO” is not porn…just another form of the myriad of happenings that could show up in bondage. I’m sorry you disapprove, but know that the work was done with consent and with respect taken towards Candle. She herself will tell you that. 😉

  4. Hey Mr. Pete,

    This is Candle and I am the one who asked for the FO. I may be categorized as a lifestyler and I tend to love getting tied up and having an FO in my private life.

    Tony was more nervous than I was about the process. I may never truly be able to convince you of that fact and Tony will never be able to please everybody all of the time, but hopefully you will not hold it against him.

    Although if you want we could get into the semantics of porn and that would be a fun discussion! 🙂

    All the best,

  5. Thank you for stopping by, luv! Pete, that came from the genuine article…Candle herself.

    It’s true…I almost didn’t go thru with filming it…I was NEEEEEEEERVOUS!!! But, with her (AND Stacie Snow’s coachhing…Stacie did the camera work), it went swimmingly, and we had a blast filming it. One of my favorite things I’ve ever done, actually!

  6. I’d like to comment on the lovely Candle if I may. She has skyrocketed to the tops of my favorites list with a speed that I havent seen in … 3 years (and you know who that was) Not only is she drop dead gorgeous but she is incredibly nice, very intelligent, and she is a true friend. You are incredibly lucky to have met both her and Stacie in person … I havent had the pleasure yet but I am counting the days!

  7. Stacie was AT my Candle shoot…heck, she did the camera work for the forced orgasm vid! Can you imagine how fun it was being with both of them at the same time? 😉

    You’re going to LOVE both of them…and I’m sure they will both love you as well!!!


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