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Damned lottery ticket! It was her own fault really…watching the lottery in a bar where who knows WHO could be watching her…and when all seven numbers matched, giving her 7.8 million dollars…someone just couldn’t resist. Now, she just spent all night trying to crawl to the door after being abducted, bound and gagged for the ticket, with her attacker promising her he’d go to the lottery office to claim the money in the morning. She needed to get out of there and get help…

Janessa for today.


The swimsuit competition was FIERCE…but it came down to three girls, Dez and two others. A rival was sure she could beat out one gal, but Dez? Phew…that was a toughie; with her spectacular body and cute face, Dez was the favorite to win. Said rival wasn’t going to leave anything to chance (and with a cool $500,000 as the prize, who would?) so she goads her boyfriend into kidnapping Dez and holding her until after the competition was over…would their scheme work??? And why did he take the top of Dez’s swimsuit off? He was gonna get a talking-to along with his share of the prize money…

Dez for today.


Pantera Noelle has been working as an executive secretary for the same guy for about 5 years now…when his company hits a landmark discovery that can turn water into fuel, a secret organization sees the profit potential and kidnaps the plucky secretary in order to get the formula. Will they surrender the formula to ransom her back?

Pantera Noelle for today.


Happy “Stranger Things” Season 4, Volume 2 debut day! 😛 I’ve been LOVING “Stranger Things” (tho I hated the Russia plotline they put Hopper through…but it was fun to see Winona Ryder cleave gagged…lol) and Season 4, Volume 2 is out today! However, Dave Annis and I watch it together and get together on THURSDAYS…so I’m holding off until next week to watch. No spoilers in the comments!!! 😛

Sasha Fae for today.


Rah, rah, sis-boom-MMMMMPH! Cheerleader Stacie Snow has the morale of her team on her shoulders…which is why a rival team has kidnapped her and is holding her in tight bondage until the big game is over. Can she hold out until these brutes let her go?

Stacie Snow for today.