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This and That

“Hey, you…yeah, YOU. I’m talking to you.”

“Who’re you and why should I care?”

“I’m Tolstoy, of Tolstoy Investigations…and you’re gonna talk to me a bit. I’m investigating a kidnapping…one Sasha Fae, wife to a ‘Richard Fae’. Gal’s being held for a $15 million ransom and I’ve gotta find her before it comes due.”

“Might sound familiar…but some pictures might spur on my memory…”

I let him see the ransom shots and a shot Fae provided me of his wife without the bondage so I could ask around about her.

“She photographs well enough…I might know something…or someone…”

“The name, thug boy…” I said and started to thumb some cash in my hand…incentive to wake up his sagging memory.

“Might wanna check out Noelle…Pantera Noelle. I hear she’s been gearing up…extra help and such. Says she’s gonna come into some money…

It was enough of a lead to go on…

“Say, um…can I keep those ransom pics? Sasha’s looking pretty fine in those…”

Sasha Fae for today.


It was quiet…too quiet.

Ah, fuck…way to upset the dynamic, gumshoe. But it’s true…after a few months of steady cases, “Tolstoy Investigations” had hit a dry spell. It was like the world had settled itself down and peace got declared…and there was nothing to do except float paper airplanes across the office and wonder how I was gonna make the rent and salary of my secretary…

“Hey gumshoe…we got one!” suddenly blared through my intercom, blasting my sense of peace out of the water. “I’m sending him in now…go easy on the guy, huh? He looks kinda rattled.”

“C’mon, Red, when have I ever gone hard on a potential case?” I called her “Red” because of her gorgeous red hair…my secretary, Stacie, never seemed to mind it all that much.

Before I got a chance to rattle back an answer, my office door swung open and an indeedly rattled man practically ran in, then slammed a file on my desk. “You need to start working immediately!” he practically yelled at me, then went back to shut the door.

“And you are…?”

“Fae…Richard Fae…but what does THAT matter right now…now that some…malcontent…has my beautiful Sasha in his grasp…”

“So, this…’Sasha Fae’, am I putting that together right?…has been kidnapped?”

“Yes, yes, that’s her name…it’s all there in the file I just put onto your desk. I printed out everything from the e-mail the bastard sent me from Sasha’s e-mail address…all to rattle me.”

“Looks like it worked…,” I remarked as I opened the file and saw a STUNNING brunette, bound and gagged in various positions in what looked like a shoddily-kept room. Whoever it was, was a decent photographer, too…and it didn’t help that these photos were speaking to an…interest…of mine; just a few seconds of looking at them and I was unable to move from my desk lest I cause my lower-quarters a bit of injury. Had to focus, so I read the ransom note…

“Hmmmmm…15 million.”

“And she’s worth every penny to me. As a last resort, I’ll pay it…but I want you to see if you can find her first…they’re giving me a day to get together the money…”

“Fine, I’m in. I’ll need to do some investigating immediately…you go about putting things together in case a rescue isn’t feasible…I’ll contact you when I have more. Leave your particulars with my secretary…but jot your phone number down on this pad for me before you leave…”

“Thank you…thank you.” He jotted down the number and left…and I went over the ransom pictures again. “Hey, Red…can you come in here when you’re done with Mr. Fae?” I said over the intercom, asking Stacie to join me in the office. Took her a bit longer than I would’ve expected, but when she entered, I understood why. The crisp, white “secretary” shirt, black skirt and heels she was wearing when I last saw her was replaced with a stunning strapless red dress and heels…

“Whatever you say, gumshoe…” she quipped as she walked to my desk, accenting her hips as she strode up to me. “I figured those pictures might’ve triggered you a bit…guess it’s time for more ‘training’, isn’t it?”


“Escape training, gumshoe. I’m the secretary of a big, baaaaaad detective…someday, thugs might wanna kidnap me to get the scoop on your clients. I’d better be able to escape from that, yes?” And with that, she thumped a ball gag onto my desk and sat down, putting her hands behind the back of her chair…

Don’t worry, Sasha…I’m on the case. But right now, I think my secretary and I are renegotiating her contract and she’s due for a raise…

Stacie Snow for today.


Well, this was a kidnapping for the ages.

So, I learn that Hollywood starlet Cali Logan was gonna be in my area, and I knew that there had to be people that’d want to pay big for her…so I arranged for her to be away from her duties…and resting comfortably in my ropework until someone paid me a hefty finders fee for getting her. Kidnapping her wasn’t the hard part…dealing with her afterwards was. Well, it was more weird than anything…

So, I get her. Not a problem…snag the limo driver, drive her to a getaway car, dump the limo, spirit Cali away with me. Meantime, someone must’ve given her a course in surviving a kidnapping as she was completely compliant and did everything I said without fail…even when I got her to the hideout and said I needed to tie her up.

“Well,” she says, “Let’s see if you can do it more competently than the people for ‘The Heiress Sings Thrice’ did…Lord have mercy, if I BREATHED too heavily, those ropes would’ve positively fallen off of me. Can you do better than that, champ?”

Kinda took that as a challenge, really. So, I tied the living FUCK out of her…and she was appreciative. “Mmmmmm; this is delicious, dahling, just delicious! I can’t remember the last time someone tied me this good. Just the stimulation of being bound like this does me sooooo much good. But I think you made a little mistake, dear.”


“Well, my tits, dear. Why aren’t you exposing one of the best chests Hollywood has to offer??? You HAVE to be curious…” Kinda self-inflated to hear from her…but I had to admit, once I popped the boobs out, they were magnificent. “See, dahling? Much better, yes? Now…I assume we’re taking ransom pictures, yes? What’s my motivation…am I looking scared?”

“Just to remind you, I’ve KIDNAPPED you here…so yes, ‘fearful’ would be good for the ransom shots.”

“Oh, splendid. We’re also going to shoot some video, aren’t we? Something juuuuicy that they can release to the press?”

“That’d work,” I said, kinda defeatedly. With that, I pulled a red bandana from my pocket and gagged her. Started shooting pics and video and man, was I EVER gonna regret letting this one go. Most fun I’ve had at a kidnapping; she was amazing.

Finally got the video and pictures taken and she started shaking her head violently…probably to let me know she had something to say, so I took the gag off.

“Dahling, dahling, dahling…this simply won’t do!”

“What won’t do?”

“Either end of this situation…you get arrested and spend the rest of your life in jail, or you get away with a bunch of the studio’s money…NEITHER is acceptable!”

“And why’s that?”

“You’d be gone and out of my life, taking this delicious bondage skill and talent with you! I can’t have that and I simply won’t…and I am completely unanimous in that decision!”

I had to chuckle at the exasperation she was expressing…and the determined look on her face; she was dead serious. “Well, what’s the alternative, then?”

“Well, you let me go, I pay whatever ridiculous ransom you were going to charge to the studio myself and you come onto my personal staff. I’m so at peace with myself right now, I could EASILY out-act that has-been Streep into an Oscar winning performance…this bondage is doing more for me than MONTHS of sessions with my therapist can do!! You simply MUST let me hire you!”

I was going to say, “Well, that’s an escape strategy that no one’s tried before…” but I could see the conviction on her face. Even tho she’s an actress, she actually MEANT what she was saying; there was no faking or acting going on here…I could easily see that.

What I did wind up saying was, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…”

Cali Logan for today.


I met an actual Aussie today!

God, but that accent was amazing…wound up keeping her ungagged and letting her curse at me and give me a bunch of “You won’t get away with this!” crap for far too long just so I could hear that sexy, SEXY accent…phew, it was almost turning me on more that all the rope I had on her luscious, big-titted (and PIERCED, too…whoa) body of hers.

Oh, but hey…getting ahead of myself, here. I was hitting a chick’s house…looked like I saw her bringing in expensive-looking stuff, so I figured it was worth a pilfer. Got in and she was getting ready to go out…nice short skirt, heels and a sexy top…grabbed her from behind and got a hand on her mouth; ooof, she was a struggler! And feisty too…just how I like ’em.

Had her tied up in a few minutes, but after the shock of subduing her wore off, the accent finally registered. Well, open up her top to see them tits and pour me a “Foster’s” (‘cuz that’s Australian for “beer”), this is gonna be an INTERESTING evening…

Cobie for today.


“Just…just behave yourself and this is the worst that’s gonna happen to you, understand?”

The frightened girl looked up at me with big eyes over the tape I’d plastered on her mouth, then nodded her head with a “yes”. “First burglary, can you believe it? Get in, get her stuff, get out…it was supposed to be simple, right? But no…nothing simple for me…she’s gotta come home and she’s gotta be all sexy and dressed hot too!”


“What? Oh…you’re welcome. You know…you’re taking this pretty well. Haven’t even TRIED to scream. And yeah, you really ARE hot.”


“Your legs look amazing in that bondage…”

“I knnw, rght?”

“Perfect heels…”

“Gt ‘m nnn sllle…”

“I can’t take this anymore…if we’re gonna chat while I’m robbing you, we might as well TALK…” After this, I took off the tape gag.

“Ugh…that’s eventually going back on, right?”

“The fuck??? You’re ‘into’ this, aren’t you?”

“Fuck yeah; who ISN’T? When you grabbed me from behind and put your hand on my mouth, I thought my now-ex had changed his mind and was coming back to tie and gag me…I was HALF right, anyway, I guess.”

“No WONDER you’re taking this like this…god dammit…”

“What’s wrong? Sure, you came to rob me, but you found something better than any stuff you can pawn for a quick few bucks…”

“Oh, and what’s that?”

“A willing captive. Look, we’re done talking here…either gag me again, rob me and you’re done or shove that huge hard-on I see in your pants in my mouth and maybe if you keep being a good boy we can turn this into something more than a chance meeting. You obviously know your way around rope; I can use that…and I bet you can too.” And with that, she got quiet. Ultimatum set…either I gag her, rob her and be done with it, or we become “bondage buddies”.

I’m amazed I even had to think about it…

Sheridan Nicoll for today.


Being a cop can have it’s drawbacks. Like when I get a case that speaks to my…personal…interests.

“Tell it to me again, miss…”

“Pantera. Pantera Noelle.”

“Tell it to me again, Miss Noelle.”

“Well, I was just walking along when I saw this guy pick up a briefcase. Was gonna stop him…I mean, what if that belonged to someone?”

“Or, he beat you to it and you wanted it yourself…” I thought to myself. “Uh-huh?” I said aloud.

“So, I followed him…and it turned out he was the guy that kidnapped that famous heiress, Stacie Snow.”

“No kidding?”

“REALLY! I knew her face; it’s all over the net right now. But I started listening to them…they were congratulating each other! It was all a scam! Then, they started hugging and kissing…they must’ve been in it together.”

“Uh huh.”

“But they caught me! I was leaving to get you guys when he found me and grabbed me from behind. He put his hand on my mouth and dragged me to a chair, and the girl threw him some rope to tie me up with. Assholes tied me up and gagged me before they made their escape. It was REALLY tight too…and they shoved a bandana in my mouth to keep me quiet…”

She was starting to get to me…I could feel myself “rising” to the occasion. She was a hottie, for sure…must’ve looked great bound and gagged…

…if it even happened.

“I managed to get loose, tho, after struggling for HOURS. You’ve gotta do something…they’re getting away…”

Oh, what people’ll do for fame, I thought. “We’re still investigating the case; thank you for your input.”

“Input? Now, look…you’ve gotta make those two pay…”

“We’ll let you know if we need any more statements…thank you.” The gal seemed a little flustered, but she left. Imagine; thinking we’d buy a story like that. Stacie Snow was obviously kidnapped by a professional…he pulled out her tits for the ransom pictures, for pity’s sake! No pair of lovers does that shit… Still, her story had left ME flustered enough that I couldn’t get out of my chair to see her out…not without hurting myself from the arousal I’d gotten, listening to her story.

Made a call to the wife… “Honey? I’m coming home a little early tonight. No, no, nothing serious…just do me a favor? Put on that black dress and those heels I like you in, along with some pantyhose. I think it’s time we checked out how good you are at escaping again….can’t be too careful. Yup, that sounds hot to me, too…see you soon?”

Dez for today.


“I can’t fucking believe this…” Stacie said while she watched the girl struggle against her ropes. She wasn’t going anywhere, tho…I had Pantera tied to the chair well and good.

“That makes both of us…” I added, also watching the bound girl pull against the ropes I’d tied her with.

“I notice you didn’t pull HER tits out! Fuck…”

“Well, it’s not like we’re gonna ransom her off, or anything. Jesus!” We were both panicking, and actually had a reason to do so. “How the hell was I supposed to know she was following me when I picked up the ransom! Least she isn’t a cop…just some girl.”

“Just some girl who’s seen our faces and knows what this is about! Jesus, I can’t believe she tried to ‘rescue’ me…”

“What are we gonna DO with her?!”

“Yuuu cld jus’ gvve me smmme ‘fff the rnsmm…I’lllll frgtt I swww yu twwww…”

We both went quiet at that. “Have you called the police? Anyone at all?” Pantera shook her head “no”. “Fuck…what do you think?”

“How much do you want, you bitch?” Stacie said, throwing an icy stare down at Pantera, before ungagging her so we could get her answer clearly.

“$50,000 should be enough to make me forget you two…a bargain, really.”

“Opportunist, huh?” I said to her. “30K.”

“I heard you two talking about how much this scam was for. You can afford 50.” Stacie pulled her hand back and was about to strike her; I grabbed her wrist, stopping the blow before it could land.

I looked at Stacie, then regagged the seated girl. “I’ll take it out of my share. 50K and you disappear, you got it?” Pantera nodded. I went to the briefcase the ransom money was in and counted out $50,000, then put it in an envelope, which I then put under Pantera’s legs. “Forgive me if I make you WORK for it…you should be able to get loose in a few hours.”

Pantera let out a gutteral “MMMMMMMMMPH!!!” and started struggling against the ropework on her lovely body. Stacie took my cue and we both gave one of her boobs a tweak and a feel-up before we left her to struggle…

Pantera Noelle for today.


“Wow. Whatever makes news, I guess, huh?” I said while glancing at the article I was reading.

“Yeah…” was the answer Sasha gave me, looking over my shoulder at the computer screen.

“I mean, this Stacie Snow chick has been KIDNAPPED for pity’s sake…they didn’t need to publish her RANSOM pictures. Fucking anything for clicks on a news article; goddamn journalists. Least they put a black bar over her boobs, I guess.”

“Too bad…” I heard Sasha say. Her breath seemed to be getting quicker…

“Too bad?”

“Too bad she’s been kidnapped, I mean. Poor woman…”

I turned around and looked at her face. “Omigod. You’re triggered, aren’t you?”

“Well, it HAS been a month since you’ve tied ME up, you sadist…you holding out on me?” She giggled a little and pulled me to my feet. “C’mon, let’s play a little…”

I spun her around and clamped my hand over her mouth. “All right, miss ‘Heiress-Fae’…looks like you’ve fallen into my clutches again…” I said and chuckled. “Guess I’m gonna have to tie you to a chair until your family pays the ransom.” She squealed under my hand and gave me a thumbs-up, then started to struggle against my grasp…

Sasha Fae for today.


“You really didn’t need to pull the top of my dress down…” she said, squirming against her ropes.

“Oh, I don’t know…” I said as I finished tying her ankles. “You want this to look legit, right? Like you’ve been kidnapped? No kidnapper is gonna be able to keep his eyes away from those beauts. Plus, showing them off makes it seem like you’re really in trouble…like he’s gonna attack you if the ransom isn’t paid. It’s just for the picture and vid we’re sending your hubby.”

“Tell that to the hard-on you’re sporting. I’m not sure if I should be angry or flattered.” I finished my job of tying her up and went to get the roll of duct tape to fashion a gag on her mouth. “I just hope this works and we get the ransom. I can’t bear living with that asshole anymore…”

“We’ll get it. You’re his most valued possession, after all,” I said while checking my work to see if it was legitimately tight enough for the photos. “I’m asking a million-five, right? Just making sure before I gag you…”

“No, FIVE million. That should be enough for us to live on.” After saying that, she looked up at me, sitting on the chair I’d tied her on with those gorgeous eyes, and opened her mouth…

“I’m taping your mouth, not putting anything in it…”

“Aw. Shame to waste a perfectly good hard-on, tho…” she said and let her voice trail off. Well, I wasn’t about to let an offer like THAT pass me by…

Stacie Snow for today.



Bah…I recently instituted a new policy across the board to try and increase productivity…every typo I find in any document will result in a 2-hour in-bondage penalty being put upon them. One woman remarked, “Yes, Mr. Spader,” and went back to her desk…what the devil?

Next thing I know, I pull up a document I needed to send asap typed by this woman, and almost EVERY WORD in the document is misspelled…by the time I was finished counting, it ran into almost a full MONTH in bondage!

You think she’s trying to tell me something?

CJ Molina for today.