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  1. Is an Uber too expensive? Hauling a desktop PC on the bus is no treat….

    I’m glad to hear you have everything you need backed up b/c I thought that with my main PC back in January when it died on me. Power supply issue, but once I got it back I started getting frequent BSOD crashes, and I think it’s the SSD which they moved saying “It belongs up here not in that slot you put it in!”…and now refuse to even look at it without charging me $100 “troubleshooting” fee!

    I need to figure out, once I have the money for it, if I just get a bigger SSD (this was was 500 GB b/c bigger was too expensive back then) or a whole new Windows desktop. My laptop’s a Mac and I use that for when I travel, but I like having a Windows box as well.

    Nice pics of Chrissy Marie–is the show taking place in St. Petersburg? STILL don’t know if I can make it, though I really want to….

    • Yah, St. Pete it is…can’t WAIT for the con to roll up! 🙂 Ugh to the service office wanting a C-note ($100)…that’s outrageous! Mine wanted $50 up front to give it a once-over because it wouldn’t turn on (“no post” fee they called it) and I think that’s fair as the unit could’ve been completely dead and a waste of time to look at. Anyway…mine indeed was the power supply, I’ve heard back from them…I’m getting that changed out and a new (quieter) cooling fan, thermal paste changed, all for $168. Really love SWS Computers!

      Good luck on getting yours fixed and coming to the con…hope I get to meet you!

      • I really hope to be at the Con too, Tony, though this year is looking less likely every day. Every income is taking too long, and every outgo seems to ramp right up. ::sigh::

        Glad to hear they’re doing the extra work and it’s not costing so much! Fingers crossed this gives your PC a new lease on life….

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