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  1. How’s it going, Stryder? Are you getting unemployment? Feeling a bit more in control of things…?

    • Hey DR Darke! Just deposited my last paycheck (that I didn’t know I had) yesterday. Unemployment check hasn’t arrived yet. Made SOME progress with the clutter in the apartment. Only been out of work one week and two day’s (so far). Plenty of food in the house, all the utilities/bills are paid up. So I’m doing alright thanks for asking.
      Drink some tea with honey, and get some vitamin C (with ZInc if ya can) to defeat that “NOT the Coronavirus” cold. My wife’s alternates between being congested and having a runny nose. And my head’s been feeling “clogged” on and off past couple of day’s. But it’s not a big deal. (like the Bernie icon by the way).
      Take care.

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