3 comments on “CJ Molina

  1. Hot looking new (well to Tucson Tied anyway) model! Glad to hear the “rope to ceiling thing” is strictly theatrical – it sure looks tight. Like the vibrator tied into the crotchrope as well.

  2. Hey, Stryder…good to hear from you again! By the by…how’d you like the blog’s new look? Been tinkering with it a bit…I kinda like it. 🙂

    CJ is not completely new…she’s worked for me once before (I think there’s an entry about her here)…but it was some time ago, and she’s changed so much, she almost qualifies as “new”. 😉

    Yup…the strings to the ceiling IS theatrical; sorry to those who like that kinda stuff if I’m breaking images. Fun to rig and we were all smiles after it all happened. We’re gonna go on another go around within a couple weeks. 🙂

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