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  1. I can think of a few reasons why that might be, Tony:

    1) A lot of somebody like Stallone’s net worth may be tied up (heh – get it? GET IT?) in financial instruments he can’t readily access, or as what he’s owed from studios. Selling off his assets to finance a project will not only mean he won’t have access to that money in the future, it could well mean he’d get hit, hard, by the IRS for income that’s now taxable.

    2) He could be having cash-flow problems – not surprising given he’s got a few ex-wives who probably got huge hunks of his personal fortune in the divorce. Or he could be like wWillie Nelson, who basically worked for free for over a decade after the IRS audited him and hit him with a whopping number of disallowed deductions – and Nelson’s far from the only entertainer who found that what his accountant told him was “acceptable” and what the IRS said was are two very different things! A writer I really like recently had to use a campaign like Kickstarter to beg her fans for funds to pay for travel to accept an award she’d won, because her publisher had publicly made noises about how “expensive” writers’ expenses were! (That same publisher subsequently backpedaled when the author not only got overfunded by her fans, but many had written nasty things to the publisher….)

    3) A campaign like Kickstarter can be a good way for a creative person to judge if fan interest is there for a project that’s a bit harder to convince major gatekeepers to finance – or for somebody with a track record to attempt something a bit more adventurous than usual. Stallone might be crowdsourcing funding for the next Rambo movie (it is a Rambo movie, right?) as a way to show the studios there’s enough fans willing to pay out of pocket to see it to convince a studio to put up more funds to actually produce the damned thing.

    In the second case: Say for instance you wanted to do a feature film based on Willie’s SWEET GWENDOLINE, faithful to the period and to Willie’s work (as opposed to Jackaen’s INDIANA JONES IN THE TEMPLE OF B&D!) – you’ve got an audience who pays for what you do now, but do you think you could afford to pay for the movie rights to the stories, hire a cast and have costumes made and sets built out of your own pocket? Moreover, are you sure your audience is willing to pay for your faithful adaptation of SWEET GWENDOLINE? A Kickstarter campaign is a great way to help defray the costs of production – and to gauge just how interested your fans are!

    • I get and agree with all three…honest, I do. But it still feels to me like a millionaire e-begging the common man for money. :/ Net worth of $275M and he doesn’t have $250K in liquid funds? There’s problems, and then there’s PROBLEMS. :/ Maybe I’m overly-cynical, but I don’t believe that. Same goes for the also-mentioned-in-the-blog Spike Lee and SMOSH Gaming. :/

      It’s not a Rambo flick, by the way…it’s for a John Herzfeld flick that Stallone will star in if it gets the $250k called, “Reach Me”. Was just reading comments from some of the backlash and it’s been reported that some of the bigger name stars are doing the film for free already anyway…interesting. That was from a commenter, now, and not from the source of the article; not saying it’s false, but it could be. :/ If it IS true and he’s working for free, then being an investor would be a touch over the top for him. :/ Like I say, I dunno; it still doesn’t hold water for me. It just feels…tacky, somehow. :/ Like using your fame to get something you want or some such thing…it doesn’t sit well with my moral compass, I guess.

      Your last case for me and Sweet Gwendoline holds water. 🙂 I don’t have a pot to piss in at this point, and I think that IS the point; I couldn’t even BEGIN to fund that. I consider myself “the common man”, even if I’m working in an uncommon field…I’m not of the wealthy upper class. And yes, it would be a great way to gauge audience interest. It feels to me like he (and other mega-rich people who use Kickstarter) are just getting monetarily risk-free projects at the sake of their fans and I feel that’s wrong. Kickstarter and other crowd sourcing sites were meant, in my eyes, for folks who don’t have money to begin with to get money for projects.

      Love your avatar…love the show! Castle is pretty cool and so is Fillion…been a fan of his since (and my saying this will prolly surprise no one) he was on Buffy in Season 7 as the “Preacher” and of course from Firefly. 🙂

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    DrDrake does have good points, Tony. But so do you. When Star Trek-The Next Generation came out Woopie Goldberg contacted the producers and told them she wanted in. She wanted it bad enough to do it for scale. I personally would have more respect for these folks if they at least offered to match funds. But that’s me.

    A Sweet Gwendoline project seems to be a popular subject of late. GogoFantasy…I have lived a sheltered life. It never occured to me to there would be such a site. Live and learn.

    The truth is I would throw no rocks if you wanted to get funding for a special project this way. 1, you aren’t a ‘Jet-Setter’ 2, more to the point, this would be a tax on the willing. Folks who didn’t want to pitch in a few bucks wouldn’t. I’m guessing several would.

    I wonder what a round trip airfare from England is these days? Hmmmmm.

  3. Tony – yeah, I’ll admit that defending Stallone of all people goes down a bit harder than it should. Why couldn’t it be Nathan Fillion trying to crowdsource FIREFLY: THE NEXT GENERATION? Or Stana Katic crowdsourcing a series starring herself as Agent U-69? (Oh, like she wouldn’t kill in the role!) Or is that essentially CASTLE – only with Nathan Fillion as Sir D’Arcy, and not nearly enough bondage…? 😉

    It’s the classic Catch-22 with crowdsourcing: You can’t really raise funding if nobody knows you from Adam – but if people know you and your work well enough to successfully raise funding, then there’s always that speculation about why you need public funding anyway. Leo Laporte of the TWiT Podcast Network says he gets asked by podcasters starting out how they can become successful like he is as a podcaster – and he admits that his answer is usually, “First, have your own technology radio show and television series, so people know your work and want to see more of it!” Really, the best bet is to be a known quantity working outside your comfort zone – which is how I suspect Stallone is justifying his using crowdsourcing to himself.

    I sympathize with being a “common man in an uncommon field” – I had to quit fetish production myself because I could no longer afford to do it. (That my family got terrified of being exposed to public scorn, and me maybe ending up in jail, thanks to the 2257 requirements sure didn’t help.) Now that things have sort-of settled a bit on the 2257 front, I find myself considering getting back in – but I realize if I do, I want to do the occasional project with the money to do things as I envision them, not scrambling about trying to tell an elaborate bondage story in an afternoon on a single makeshift set! I did a lot of work I’m proud of that way – but you always know you can do better if you have a little more time and money.

    I’m with Art – if you did a campaign for A Big Bondage Project, I’d throw in some money towards it. I still can’t afford a lot, but I can afford to help support creative people whose work I enjoy…. 🙂

    • To be completely honest, the thought of a project I’d love to do has crossed my mind…tho it’s definitely reaching for the unreachable. 🙂 I would LOVE to see Jasmine Sinclaire on my site. I think she’d work well with my theme and, in all honesty, I’m a fan and would love to work with her. Money is, of course, the first of MANY roadblocks to this. Getting her from the UK to Tucson, AZ, USA, would cost a BUNDLE, not to mention where she’s gonna stay while here, not to mention I’d have to be able to promise her enough work to make the trip worthwhile, not to mention her eating and transportation costs…

      And that’s even before I think of the rules and regulations you mentioned earlier! 😛

      But you know what? I wouldn’t do it with a crowdfunding method simply because of my having a touch of notoriety; even tho I’m broke for this kind of thing, I get the feeling the second I’d unleash a campaign, I’d get brutalized for it, publicly. I could handle that…but then I’d have to ask myself if it was fair me using this…and I’m not sure I could answer that. :/

      Sure…I’m asking my members if they’d like to see her and I’d give perks to make it worth their while for donating…but then I think of taking away the traffic and views of someone else on that site who doesn’t have the limited fame I do and it just seems like a kick to the nuts. Not gonna go there. 🙂

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