5 comments on “Epiphany: Why Exactly Do I Care?!

  1. Well spoke and yes, sometimes it’s good to see your feeling in print. 🙂 Too bad that some people who espouse drama are the very ones who create it. Whatever…..

  2. Like TheBadman already pointed out sometimes you just need to vent (after all isn’t that part of the reason for blogging – to put what ever’s on your mind out there)? And yeah, you shouldn’t care (especially when you have so many fans, of which I’m a small part). But when you take pride in your work and care about what you do, thats easier said than done….
    Whatever Tony, don’t let the @#%$^!! get you down. “Those who can DO, those who can’t criticize”

  3. I like that last line…I’ll be using it in the future. 🙂 Thanks for the continued fandom, Stryder. 🙂

    Badman…well spoke as well…and in far less lines than I. But, would I be “Tolstoy” if I didn’t get all windy and shit? LOL!!! 🙂

  4. Most like to rant. Few rave. I just became aware of your work and I have to say your models, ropework and photography are some of the most appealing that I have had the pleasure of viewing in a long time.

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