One comment on “FetCon Day Two, Part 1: Ashley Sinclair

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    First of all YES to a clip of you going through Fetcon loot. I’d love to see it and hear your commentary.

    Ashley is a keeper! I cracked up when she forgot elbows in the interview. Most folks say ‘senior moment’ when that happens, but loosing a word happens to all ages.

    I know I say this ALOT, but you and Ashley make a great team! The look on yer face when you’re removing her top, priceless. In my minds I can hear her thinking, “Did we talk about this? I guess we’re not talking about it now!”

    I am delighted you’re using the long black gloves! I’ve loved these since I was a kid. Some of the silver screens leading ladies of the 40’s and 50′ wore them on a regular basis, and I remember even in black and white how well them showed the rope tying a womans wriet.

    You’ve out done yourself Tony.


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