5 comments on “FetCon Sunday…Candle Boxxx

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Thanks Tony! I have been all but holding my breath waiting for you to these. At the risk of confirming my geekness I got as big a thrill out of seeing them here as looking at them when you sent them to me. This is my story come to life!
    I have recently finished a book that included the kidnapping of a beautiful blond. A publisher wants to see it, wish me luck. If they buy it I can suggest a cover but have no real control. If I end up self publishing I choose the cover. I knew the image I wanted, Tony and Candle brought it to life!

  2. Candle is always a blast – she really seems into the whole fetish/glamour modeling thing. She reminds me a lot of A.J. Khan and Erika Kole in that way….

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    Thanks, drdarkeny. Once it’s out I’ll let you folks know. Now, I have to decide which out of all the wonderful pictures Tony and Candle made for me I want to use.

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