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  1. Ironic….. you’ll be staying in a hotel catering to BDSM, etc., but posting photos from their computers is verboten! lol Strange, but funny! Have a good time!

    • I don’t know if it’s verboten, really…just frowned upon. Remember: FetCon will just be housed there…it’s still a regular hotel with a regular, V-A-N-I-L-L-A state of mind. We FetCon attendees will prolly be less than 1% of the entire hotel’s populace. Lol…it’s always funny to watch the wait staff’s faces during some events that get catered to by them…there’s a dude who has his hands bound behind him, is blindfolded, and allows models to lead him around by a rope leash attached to his nutsack…UNDERNEATH his leather underwear, thankfully…always funny to watch their faces as he’s lead past them.

      And there’s your nightmare fuel for the night…you’re welcome. 😛

      In all seriousness, tho, FetCon is held at a basically vanilla hotel behind closed doors, or with public access places (registration and the like) clearly marked, so if you wander through and see something that offends your precious vanilla tendencies, it’s your own fault…keeps down complaints, I guess. Some folks do tie gals in the hallways and stairways…but I’m not the type to push things. Knowing my luck, the next vanilla I run into will be a overly-muscled bodybuilder who thinks bondage is wrong and clean my clock…lol.

      • Had a friend and his family book some rooms at a hotel in Vegas, for his grandmother’s 95th birthday. Everything was great until they found out an adult video convention was also being hosted in the hotel.

        On the way to dinner, his grandmother was on an elevator with several scantily clad ‘performers’, male and female! She said she had the best time, especially when the men serenaded her after they got off the elevator!

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    This sounds all too familiar. The science fictions conventions have folks in all manner of costume roaming the halls. Some of them look great, but no one wants to see a 240 pound princess Leah, and a 90 pound Conan is just stupid. Saddly, when ever pranks or vandalism (you know I can’t spell – right) occure it’s the “Sci-Fi Freaks” that get blamed.

    Due to my long (unhappy) stint in security I speak the language and make a point of dropping by to chat with the folks at Hotel security on Friday night. I asked once who the worst groups were. I was told by far lawyers, followed by lawyers children.

    Looking forward to reading your post from Fetcon. The pictures will be eagerly anticipated.

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    Most of the Lawyers I’ve known were great folks as well. But when you have 600 of them partying and boozing…

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