3 comments on “Friday : CJ Molina

  1. I can’t explain it, Tony – there’s something about a woman bound wearing tan pantyhose, and cleave-gagged with a bandanna, that I purely admire….

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Everyone has their favorite components. For me, as you folks may have guessed, it’s heels.

    All of that is window dressing. Without an enchanting woman like CJ, and a rigging genies like Tony, these classic images would just be daydreams.


  3. “Rigging Genies”, Art? I just had a fantasy of Stacie Snow in an I DREAM OF JEANNIE harem girl outfit, magically tying up C.J. Molina! ::grins::

    I assume you meant “Rigging Geniuses”, but whatever voice recognition software you used had its own ideas….

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