6 comments on “Friday : Sasha Fae

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Sasha is a delightful package. She would be a wonderful companion for a Friday evening.

    All kidding aside, this isn’t that easy a bondage. It takes a real professional to make it look this good, both inside and outside of the ropes. Well done Tony and Sasha.


  2. I’m not normally as big a fan of thigh-highs as pantyhose, Tony – but I love these with Sasha! Especially the last one, where she looks like she’s laughing behind her gag and trying to kick up her heels…if her legs weren’t tied tightly….

  3. I actually prefer stockings over pantyhose (except maybe the crotchless variety) to each his own. Like the “strappy” high heels (harder to kick off) as well. Didn’t notice if Sasha was laughing behind her gag in the last photo until DrDarkeNY mentioned it. Now it’s fast becoming one of my favorites photos Tony’s taken of Sasha (which is saying a lot)! 😉

  4. Stryder – you weren’t the member of my old Seventies Bound site who kept writing me to say “No Pantyhose!”, were you? 😉 As you guessed, it’s a favorite of mine – though yes, Dave Annis taught me to love crotchless pantyhose…and his cartoons.

    Anyway, I do love that last shot of Sasha – she looks so happy to be bound and gagged….

    • No I can’t say I was a member of a Seventies Bound site, never mind rallying against pantyhose (like I said to each their own). Least we can both agree on crotchless pantyhose, and Dave Annis cartoons are the best!

  5. Good to hear that you will be working with her again next week I look forward to seeing the results

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