6 comments on “Friday’s Feature Model: Sasha Fae

  1. I see that the lovely and talented miss Fae must have passed through Arizona huh Tony stopped by for a visit these are very new pics of her very beautiful I just love her I wish I would have known about her before she actually left for vanilla work thanks for the lovely work and have a great weekend Tony

      • Well yeah they are new to me my friend I just am in love with her and at least you still have enough work of hers to surprise your fans with and her fans too
        Thank you again Tony and have a wonderful weekend my fiend

  2. So, on balance you sound pretty happy with your present job,Tony.

    I got the dates wrong on my next class – it’s this coming week, so I’ve been studying and applying for jobs.

  3. Great samples of Sasha Fae! Like the homemade(?) spreader bar her ankles are tied to, like the strappy high heels she’s wearing while bound (wish more models would do that). Sasha alway’s does great sets and can really take it tight.

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