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  1. Sorry to hear about your trouble’s Tolstoy and I would echo Pete’s comments about HAVING A JOB IN HAND, before you leave the job you’re at (I’ve made that mistake out of frustration in the past – expensive mistake)! Not to be disrespectful to Candlebox but I would not recomend WalMart (I don’t even shop there, at least not yet). They treat the employee’s crappy, don’t offer health insurance, and you have to schedule your own replacement if you’re sick! Friend of mine used to work the night shift at a local WalMart, turned me off to the place.

  2. Oh, I’m not going anywhere, no worries there. I’m not officially starting a job search until after Vegas, now 9 days away. I’m no fool…still have to pay rent and such (lol), and I’ll never jump a ship before having another to land in…been there, done that, suffered mightily.

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