One comment on “Had Something Weird Happen Last Night…

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Wow! OK, walking on egg shells here just a bit. Are your rigging styles simular, yes. You work together, you infulence and learn from each other. You work with the same models. But you each have your own style. Anyone who can’t spot the difference isn’t paying attention.

    I remember when I first came across Dave’s work some years ago, the first thing that popped into my head was, “If that dude had six hundred feet of rope in the house he’s use every inch of it.” Other than that, Dave’s rope work is tight! Even his box ties. If I am looking at a photo that isn’t watermarked I look to see how deep the indention where the rope goes around the ankles or arms is. Dave’s have always been deeper.

    Let me end by saying I’ve never been a fan of weekend fantasy camps. A baseball or rock’n roll camp would bore me to tears. Having said that, if you and Dave ever have a fantasy camp I WILL BE THERE! If you didn’t put them on together and I had to chose, I would probably be at yours, but I would hope Dave scheduled a follow up so I could catch his as well.


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