One comment on “Happy Sunday Morning To You All!

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    This is actually funny. With me it’s work on latest chapter.
    Go look at what Tony’s got posted.
    Get back into story and work on character background.
    Pull up pictures of Stacie.
    Argue with my self about female lead getting kidnapped. It will happen but not here, timing isn’t right.
    Pull out maps I made of ranch story takes place on.
    Write scene from bad guys point of view.
    Open Sasha file for inspration.
    In my case I end up going out to the backyard range with the 1911 and running a couple of magazines through it. I think I’m going to give the bad guy a Glock.
    Wonder when Tony’s going to have Dez back?
    We both get the work done, we just take different breaks.

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