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  1. Oh boy, all your talk about the old detective magazines really brings it back. Sadly, I never had anyone in my family who was a fan of them so I never had a ready supply of the magazines to get my bondage fix. So the only way I could get my fix in was to check out the shelves in the magazine rack at a local drug store that always seemed to have about 20 issues on display at any one time. Master Detective, Confidential Detective, True Detective, True Police, etc. Usually was trying to check these covers out under the hard gaze of the dude behind the counter who clearly didn’t approve of my interest in reading matter. Not that I did much reading. (At that age, it never even occurred to me to actually buy one of those mags). Perhaps that’s why bondage, in addition to its other attractions has always had that “forbidden fruit” appeal to me.

    I agree that most of the time, the bondage was indifferent at best, and most of the models looked like they had lived a pretty hard life. But every once in a while I would come across a real gem of a cover. One I remember was was a detective magazine that had a sub-banner “Sex Crimes Spectacular!” It showed a lady tied up pretty securely and hanging upside down while some guy whose back was to the camera was brandishing a bullwhip and clearly about to make use of it. But my favorite cover came out around 1980 or so. It showed a pretty decent looking model tied to a chair with about 14 miles of that good brown hemp rope. Her knees were tied together while her ankles were tied to each leg of the chair, and probably as a result that’s always been one of my favorite poses, if done well. The picture came complete with the lurid title “Once Debbie found out her science teacher was a bondage freak, she was BOUND TO DIE!!” Egad! (Detective mags never got any points for subtlety)

    That was such a good cover that for the first time I braved the disapproval and bought the copy. That’s when I discovered that the disapproval I thought I was laboring under was mostly a mirage. The people behind the counter usually didn’t give a damn what I bought. They just rang it up as though it were any other magazine like “Time or “Newsweek”.

    As for movie and tv bondage, well most of that isn’t even worth bothering with. Though, on rare occasions, I would see a scene worth remembering. Ever see an old Marlon Brando flick called “The Nightcomers”?

    Yeah, I went through that whole magazine and VHS phase, too. I discovered Harmony around 1988 and stuck with them for a long time though eventually I grew sort of disenchanted with them, mostly because most of the models they featured all sort of came to look alike to me in regard to their body type. (To me, it isn’t necessary for a lady’s breasts to enter a room two minutes before she does). It seemed all their models all had gigantic and clearly fake breasts. Real women come in all shapes and sizes and boobs don’t make the lady.

    Then I found the internet and ever since, it’s been bondage bliss for me. I’ve had to wade through a lot of garbage to get to the good stuff, but that’s just the nature of the net. My taste in bondage is pretty specific. There’s a lot of people on the web and everyone has their own specific taste that must be catered to. Thus I have to wade through a lot of hardcore, dungeons, and the like in order to hopefully find the kind of bondage that I like.

    Natasha Flade. She had always had that MILF appeal to me. She seems to specialize in giving her man blowjobs while tied up. That’s always been a fantasy of mine. Unfulfilled, alas…

    I’ve always liked ropexpert mostly because of the copious amounts of rope he uses. And Annis as well because his bondage is just so tight! I think I’d be afraid to tie someone that tightly, it’d be too easy to hurt them. But I sure like to see that kind of roping.

    My favorite bondage models all-time are:
    Rhiannon Allen (did most of her work on ShadowPlay
    Imaging, often with another model named Tobi
    Rosaleen Young
    Jane Stonewood
    A few others, and

    The Amazing VIP

    My other great interest in bondage is the art of faking. I’m a real fan of seeing well known celebrities in the sort of good tight bondage you’ll never see them experience in real life. At least not publicly, who knows what they do in their private lives? There’s this guy who goes by the name “Alex86” who’s a real master at it. And so while I may never get to see the Olsen Twins in bondage in real life, I at least get to see good fake pics of them thanks to the good offices of A86 and others.

    Well, I think I’ve gone on long enough. It was fun re-living some of these old memories I havn’t thought about in a long time. Thanks for bringing up the topic of detective mags.

  2. WOW! A fellow “Tolstoy”!!! LOL…great post, John! We really do seem to run along the same lines.

    I didn’t buy the “Detective” mags for a while either, but around the third time I did, I was met with some disapproval…the counter lady told me that “this stuff should be behind the counter with Playboy”. Whatever, lady…just sell me the damn book, right? It was actually some decent bondage that time out…a “secretary”, white blouse, black skirt, black pantyhose, black pumps…she was well-tied on the upper body, gagged over the mouth, and her legs were tethered (there was a length of rope loose between ties at the ankles…she could actually walk in the bondage). She was bent down at the waist like a strappado, causing her skirt to ride up and show the pantyhose line…quite nice, actually.

    Dunno if you saw it, but Viv contacted me thru her group…looks like she might be staying with me for a night while traveling. THANKS for pointing that out to me…for some fool reason, I had her group marked with “Daily Digest” and wasn’t getting the regular messages…d’oh!! Fixed that, right and proper…lol. Thanks again!!

  3. That’s exciting news! If you can manage a photoshoot with her, consider this possibility, and this is just a suggestion, mind you.

    Recently you did a really good set with Pantera. She was wearing a purple dress and tied with a lot of hemp. I would purely love to see the lovely Vivian tied in a similar manner. Instead of a dress, how about a white bra and panty set, hands tied behind, wrists crossed. Not a box tie, like Stacy often does, but crossed wrists, I really like that look, don’t ask me why. No pantyhose or garters, just ordinary undies, the kind someone might wear anytime.

    Of course she might not agree to that and you’d have to respect that, but if she went for it, oh what a great set it could be. Tolstoy Tony and VIP, that’s a matchup that would shake the bondage world!

    Well, a man can dream, can’t he?

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