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  1. This story sounds just like the premise of Natalie Anderson’s BREATHE FOR ME (https://www.amazon.com/Breathe-Me-Be-Xander-ebook/dp/B00CJ3UPTW ), where a former lifeguard attracted to a physically-challenged former swimmer starts to have a “no strings attached” affair with her by pretending to be various rescuers who “rescue” her into sex. There’s only one bondage scene near the climax, but both admit their relationship is decidedly Dominant/submissive.

    I don’t know if you’d like the book, Tony – it’s a D/s romance with most of the kink filed off, unless you count cosplay as “kinky”! But I enjoyed it and the Kindle edition’s free on Amazon, so why not get a copy and read it for yourself?

    • While we’re talking books, let me drop this:


      Ariel Anderssen’s book. 🙂 She’s a model, and the wife of RestrainedElegance.com’s rigger/photographer, Hywel. She models for him and other DID photographers. I’ve funded the book at the $40 level…I wanna read this, bad! Ariel is a BRILLIANT writer (her Twitter often leaves me in stitches…especially when she’s fighting with her backup account that doesn’t exactly think the world of her (you’d have to read it to understand…lol), and I have a feeling that this is gonna be great, cover to cover! Get involved if you can, peeps!

      • I know Ariel and Hywel a bit – mostly online (they belonged to my Bondage Photography Group on Yahoo), but I met them both at the last BondCon I went to. Once I can afford it I will donate, absolutely….

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