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  1. Janessa looks great in these samples – but I’m surprised you didn’t show “The Trick IS the Treat” samples again (not that I’m disappointed to see Janessa tied in her little black dress). Happy Halloween everyone
    The Trick IS the Tret MPEG’s
    Janessa MPEG’s

  2. I’ve saw a number of the Showa-Era Godzilla films showing up on TCM during October. I was so relieved how many of them were in the original Japanese and subtitled rather than (usually badly) dubbed into English. The only ones I saw with dubbing were the ones featuring an American in a major role, like Sal Mineo, Nick Adams or Russ Tamblyn.

    Well, Janessa looks cozy like that – pity you didn’t stuff her mouth before cleavegagging her.

  3. @DR Darke Disagree with you on the (admittedly often bad) English dubbing of Japanese Godzilla movies. Agree 110% that Janessa could’ve used more mouth packing in her gag. But some models can’t handle that (and ya can’t have everything)! 😉

    • The good news is you can get them both ways on disc now, Stryder. I watch the subtitled versions, and I suspect you watch the dubbed ones….

      • @DR Darke Sometimes you don’t want to read the subtitles and there’s other times the voice over dubbing is SOOOOOO BAD to each there own (-shrugs-). And yeah DVD/Blu-Ray’s with all the extra’s are great. Have the first season of The Walking Dead on DVD just because I CAN (and it was for $10 and a impulse buy). 🙂

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