One comment on “Janessa For Today

  1. Hope you’re enjoying your two day’s off Tony! Be thankful you’re in Tucson, AZ right now 7:05PM E.S.T. in Lwng Guyland, New Yawk (misspellings intentional folks) it’s snowing, SNOWING it’s been coming down an inch an hour since 4PM and IT’S STICKING! If it was December this would be seasonal, but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet (and Thanksgiving came early this year) I’m not ready for this @#$%!!!!
    Going to drink some Hot Chocolate, enjoy the lovely Janessa samples. Lo ve how you did these samples. Pic #! shows her from head to toe well tied. PIc #2 shows her from the waist up (and her wonderful perky breasts – like the rope breast harness) Pic#3 shows off those sexy legs (tied aboe and BELOW the knees – GREAT ROPEWORK) and finally we see how Janessa’s arms from behind and how she’s inescapably tied. TWO THUMBS UP!! If only one hand wasn’t already um… “occupied” (sorry SORRY! Sometimes I just can’t help myself)! 😉 Great work as alway’s Tony. Long day, glad to be home. Excelsior! R.I.P Stan Lee 12/1922-12/2018

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