6 comments on “Lazy Sunday : Stacie Snow

  1. Yeah, I prefer Stacie in pantyhose and seeing her lips over the gag – but she’s good no matter how you tie her!

    Pity she retired….

  2. Some great photos of Stacie here Tony (glad your new internet service is working out for you)! A word of advice if I may, you should “watermark” these with the TucsonTied or (more appropriate for these pic’s) StacieSnowBound.com logo.

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    I keep saying this lady gets better looking every time I see her. You would think at some point that phenomenon would level out. Hasn’t happened yet!

  4. Quote drdarkeny,”Pity she retired….” Aaaaiirrrrggghhhhh!!!! Hiatus! Stacie’s on HIATUS! She might change her mind and come back (one could always hope – Kimberly Marvel came back from retirement)! Just saying….

    She does look great in these shot’s though, no disputing that

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