4 comments on “Lazy Sunday : Sexy Stacie Snow

  1. Sorry about your Internet, Tony – I wonder if there’s ANY service that doesn’t suck at some level….

    • Fortunately this time it was only for a matter of about 10 minutes or so…the first time I lost service was after a MASSIVE thunderstorm which did a fair deal of damage (“fair deal” meaning not a lot really…a downed tree here and there and some power outages in parts of the area) and my Internet was out for a good chunk of the day. I could understand that one. The problem is…how the heck do you check if your ISP is down…go on the Internet??? 😛 Wound up using my phone for that…but it was spotty finding details at best.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Stacie is amazing. I’ve always liked the box ties. The lady can wear them for a longer peoird of time. She would be wonderful company for a rainy Sunday afternoon.

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