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  1. “Is it hot in here?” he muttered, feeling himself sweat under his ski mask. He watched the bound and gagged, undulating secretary, losing his focus…again.

    She started to make noises behind her gag – not fearful or intimidated, but…encouraging? Lowering her sultry brown eyes submissively, she peered up at him from beneath her eyelids as if in invitation, her generous breasts heaving.

    “Cut that out! I asked you about the Melonville – I mean, EVANSTON Project!” he shouted. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed. “Don’t make me havta do – something bad to you, girl!”

    Lola – the captive! – closed her eyes…and MOANED, thrusting her breasts into his hands! He started at his surprisingly-willing captive, feeling the blood rushing from his head as the crotch of his pants got a great deal tighter. It look him a moment to realize he’d stepped forward so his legs were straddling her bound ones, and his thumbs had started to circle and flick her nipples, teasingly. She looked at him from under mostly-closed lids, murmuring gag-muffled words like “plzzz…srrr ghhd…yhrrs, shrrr.”

    Looking down at her willingly-helpless, captivating body, he forgot why the Melonville Project was so important….

    ::cue Seventies Porn music::

      • Along those lines but much less classy – somebody put up a bunch of soundtracks to Seventies porn (without NSFW images), which is kind of like Trance music only propulsive.

        I have a sneaking affection for it, myself.

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