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  1. So I’m sitting at home watching “The Angry Beavers” (no, it’s not what you think) and downloading a bunch of pictures Nikki Darling. I finished that and came over to the blog to comment on what a delightful creature she is. As I was grabbing the pics, I was wishing her dress had ridden up just a weeeee bit more because she has an absolutely great set of legs. And it can fairly be said of her, (as was once said of Marilyn Monroe,) that her future is behind her. And I love those big gorgeous eyes of hers. (I love bondage, but I hate blindfolds. I hate it when the lady’s eyes are covered up.)

    Anyway, I’m all set to comment on Nikki when I run across these new pictures on your blog. I’m not that familiar with Lola Lynn, but now I think I’m gonna be on the lookout for her work when I’m trolling the net. Because, based on the two pictures I see here, she has to my mind, a real “housewife in bondage” type look. And I find that a real turn-on. Perhaps a bit more well-endowed than the typical haus-frau, but I guess I can maybe get used to it.

    I also really like Candle Boxx wearing 1/2 a bikini. I’m looking foreward to seeing the entire sets.

    Might I make a tiny suggestion. When you’re taking your pictures, you might try getting a couple where the wrist bindings are visible. I always did like seeing how the lady’s hands are tied. Crossed wrists have always been my favorite.

    Fine work, indeed!

  2. hey you! i had a blast! the trip was way to short for me! i miss you guys already! im in the airplane as i type, lol…. i just didnt want to leave your beautiful city. i just want to say how wonderful you are and that i look forward to seeing you again soon! thanks for the fun!

  3. John…thanks for all the great words!! Glad you liked Lola, ’cause, as you see by her reply, she liked me!!! (awwwww…blushes). “Housewife in Bondage”, huh? I sense a theme for next time…great idea! I’ve only done a blindfold once, by the way, and hated the pics so much they didn’t even make the site. If I do them, it’d be 4-5 pics in a 40 pic set…I don’t care for them too much either…especially when she has as expressive eyes as Lola’s!

    Wristwork is something I want to show more of and need to do. In Lola’s case, the work on the back was so cool that I just HAD to showcase it…look to see those pics in the sets. She was digging on that too…I had to stop in mid-pic-taking and show her pics of the back work, she was so curious…lol.

    Lola: THANKS for the lovely comment, sweetheart!! I know I did my job proper when I tie them mega-tight, and they tell me what fun they had…lol!! Sweetheart, we’ll just have to get you here for longer next time…I know I have a ton of ideas to work on you with! I had a total blast too…I’m looking forward to seeing you again VERY soon!! Hugz, and I luvs ya!!

  4. I had a blast as well, especially with the behind the scenes images! Lola, you’ve got to come back here SOON!!!!

  5. Awesome pics, Tony. I was waiting to see what Lola would look like in your ropes and you definitely did not disappoint!

  6. El, MCH…thank you! She was a BLAST to work with…and this showed thru even tho she was a bit under the weather (some kind of stomach bug). I can’t WAIT to see that lovely lady again and make even more and better bondage memories!


  7. Hey guys! I missed you so much I just have to come back! You may never get rid of me, lol. I made plans to go out to L.A. but decided to take a side trip to you on the way! I can’t wait to see you in February! You’ll make sure it’s warm for me, right?
    Miss you!

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