2 comments on “Magenta

  1. I remember your “pink rope phase” but don’t think I’ve seen your pink tape bondage before (‘cept for a tape gag I think). Magenta looks great in these samples. Love how her bra show’s through her snug white T-shirt (would love to see her breasts – but you can’t have everything)! Love how her butt looks in her pink short-shorts too. And the pink high heels look good on Magenta even with socks! Gonna see if I can find this on the members side….
    And thanks for answering my comment yesterday – looking forward to your podcast.

    • I’m looking forward to hearing it too; kinda excited! To the best of my knowledge, I’ve done only two tape bondages (not my thing)…this one on Magenta and one on Stacie…will post shots of it soon. 🙂

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