4 comments on “What’s WRONG with our kids these days???

  1. Don’t have a link. But heard on the news the kids were suspended for a year (good they deserve it) and someone started a collection for the bus monitor to go on a well deserved vacation. She has enough money donated to retire on now (although last I heard she said she has no plans to do so).

    • From what I understand, she can buy a small country now, the donations were so huge! Now I can see sending her a buck or two so she could take a nice trip somewhere…but last I saw, she was up over a HALF MILLION, headed towards $600,000! Wild, no?

  2. Daaaaaaaaaaamn!!! $350,000 for 10 minutes of uncomfortable bulling from snot-nosed punks? Sign me up! 😉

    Seriously, tho…WOW; quite amazing! That IS quite the chunk of money!!

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