3 comments on “Monday, Monday…

  1. I think THIS may be one of my favorite shots, Tony! It look restrictive, potentially frightening for the captive/model – and kind of hot at the same time….

    • Sasha also has a way of tossing her hips to and fro when struggling in this position that makes it all the more fetching. I think she’s spoiled me for anyone else in this predicament; nobody does this better than her. 🙂

      Bit of irony for me when I read this post as I was approving DR’s post…

      Some fool (namely me) used all the soap last loads and forgot to buy more…it is to laugh. 🙂

      So, I went to shower last night…and some fool (namely me) used all the shower soap last shower and forgot to buy more. Had to go out at 9 pm just to get more…lmao! What’s even funnier was, I had been out all day…including the grocery where I shop to pick up some other things! The memory truly is the first thing to go…

      Were we talking? 😛

  2. Yes, Sasha Fae poses very fetchingly when she’s helpless in hose, Tony!

    I have to say, man, I feel your pain – you go to the store to buy something, and even if you make a list…half the time you forget what you went for. Age – it’s a sad thing….

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