2 comments on “Monday, Monday…

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Oh man, Tony. Great picture of Candle and Stacie. I am at a loss to explain one thing, how could you forget to tie up Stacie?

    I know Candle is hot, and seeing her in bondage is enough to take your breath away. Still, that’s Stacie with her. Think of the outstanding book ends those two ladies would make!

    • Don’t I know it! I shot both of them individually that day (this pic was from a “candid” set I did after Candle’s turn was finished, just before I untied her; Stacie had shot before her, hence the casual clothing she’s in); Lord only knows why I didn’t think to put the two of them together. Maybe I was blinded by all the beauty in the room? 😉

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