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  1. Drea Morgan IS gorgeous. I envy Art, who must be going to BondageCon in FL (or where ever it’s being held – I’m still jealous). That IS you, isn’t Art? I often have problems with my Gravatar and other comment sign in sites as well (especially when I accidentally log in with my “Politially Correct” comment/persona instead of my “naughty” alias). -SIGH!-
    Love the breast harness and topless bondage here. Like the snug cleavegag’s too (although they could have used a big knot in the middle of the gag, between her lips like in some of Tony’s newer photos).
    Maybe in a forthcoming photo shot? Just a suggestion. Nominated ya for three categories (blogger, paysite, and rigger) on bondageawards.com Good luck!

  2. Treetings from Texas,
    I very much hope to attend Fetcon someday, Stryder. Saddly it won’t be this year. I was hoping Tony might be able to shoot with her again. My rigging skills are rusty, and my photography pedestrian at best.

    The results of Tony shooting with Drea would be of much more benifit to us all.


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