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  1. I keep expecting you to do a STAR TREK-like bondage video with all your Starfleet models, Tony – maybe an all-femme crew tying each other up so they can travel through “SubSpace” and go faster-than-light? Yeah, you’d need a starship interior set for that – too bad James Bertoni’s in the UK (I think?)….

    • Yup, he IS in the UK…and honestly, he’s done it to such a degree that there’s really no reason for anyone to even venture into that. He even had the girls tying each other on an accurate looking bridge, for pity’s sake…it’s some awesome shyte! Eh, if a model ever presents me with a Star Trek uniform, I’ll tie her in it, tho…Viv (Vivian Ireene Pierce) has one, I believe…but that would take second place to tying her as Daphne Blake (from “Scooby Doo”, natch). And if you haven’t seen her as Daphne tied and gagged…phew, it’s awesome! 🙂

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    I still think you should do a Science Fiction Convention based fantasy. Perhaps a girl that always wins with her Star Trek uniform is left tied up in a Motel room during the contest.

    How about an obsessed Star Trek fan, with lots of models. He spots a girl in a Star Trek Uniform at an office Holloween party and decides to add to his collection.

    It would be really great if Kerri can shoot with you in January. I have seen her on several sites. What a beautiful lady.


  3. I’ve seen some of Bertoni’s stuff – lovely set, hot bondage…but no real storyline.

    Or am I the guy who’s into that – at least, that’s what Phil Carson used to keep saying?

  4. Yeah, but I’ve always loved storyline bondage, Tony – which should be clear from the stuff I did.

    I got to talk to the guy who’d directed most of TAO’s bondage loops back in the day (Phil introduced us at FetishCon) – we talked about trying to shoot a story in a hurry with barely any resources, and still getting plenty of The Good Stuff in!

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