4 comments on “Much To Do…Much To Do…

  1. I remember the “pink rope” phase but pink duct tape Tony?! No matter Magenta looks hot in this photo, love “cheeky” view of her short-shorts and her bra and cleavage juuuusst showing through her white T-Shirt. Wonder if I have this buried in a zip file from when my membership was active?
    Of course I know the cure for that! 😉

    • Pink duct tape was her idea, actually, which is why she’s the only gal I ever did up in it. Stacie was my other tape bind, but that was regular ol’ grey. 🙂 Magenta is in love with pink; that’s where this came from. 🙂

  2. So the pink duct tape was Magenta’s idea huh? She does look good here so I can’t disagree with the lady1 😉

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