3 comments on “My NEW Computer Set-Up!!

  1. Guy Gardner and John Stewart are superior in every way. Only Hal Jordan fanboys would say otherwise.

    I’m respectful enough to appreciate Hal for what he is, but don’t be a fool.

    At least you didn’t pick Kyle Rayner. That way lies madness.

  2. Color me a Jordan fanboy then…lol. In a sense, I grew up with Hal, so I’m massively partial. I like Guy and John well enough, but Hal is and always will be my Green Lantern.

    Kyle…yeesh, don’t get me started. A bad move, a BIG mistake, and just not a likable character…unnecessary to do, DC. And it took them WAY too long to realize that.

  3. It would seem that comic books and bondage might have some kind of correlation. I know I love comics and I love bondage!

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