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  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Thank you for the (almost)life size picture of Cali Logan. I know you’re starting to think all the girls are my favorites, but Cali is special. Not to mention you post really great pictures of her, and an even better job of restraining her in an astistic manner.
    Keep up the good work,

  2. Can’t believe I didn’t comment earlier but “Society Snatch” is some good stuff! It could earn some extra income (especially if paired with some of your photos, used to a site that did a lot of stories like that – don’t recall the webpage name however). But it takes years for you to finally consider a story finished, I suppose not (mark of an artist I’ve been told).
    Thank goodness you don’t fuss (seemingly) over your photos nearly as much. C.J. Molina looks great tied above and below the knee, with her ankles crossed. Like the chest harness and the cleavegag (could use a really big knot tied between her lips or maybe some mouth packing with cloth – but that’s personal preference and knit picking at that). Great shots.
    Curious about the “life size” pic of Cali Logan Art is talking about. Custom?

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