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  1. I just downloaded your Nikki Darling video. OH! MY! GAWD! She is smoking!! I don’t know if she has any plans to bondage model, but if she chooses to, I’m going to be one very happy bondage fan. It makes me sorry I live 2000 miles away from Tucson. I want to date this girl. She’s a dream come true.

    Just out of curiosity, what do you do about giggling damsels in distress? Or were you behind the camera making faces at her?

    Off the subject a bit, but I was looking at the thumbnails in your coming soon section. The one with you tying Stacy Snow. I like where she has her hands. I just thought I’d mention that.

  2. Oh, she’s a bondage model all right…and as soon as I can, I’ll shoot some more material just to prove that…lol. I LOVED working with her!!

    With the giggling, if you’re talking about the end of the video, she was more than likely laughing under that tape gag at yours truly…I lost my balance and wedged myself between two pieces of furnature here in the apartment…WAY too funny. It took everything I had to keep from laughing my own ass off…lol.

    Had to look at the coming attractions myself…just for the sake of saying it folks, she has her hands on her boobs…lmao! You’ll love the start of the vid where she adjusts…nah, that’d be telling. 😉

    Glad you loved the vid…I’ll tell Nikki the next time I see her, which’ll hopefully be soon. John, I’d have no probs doing customs with either her or Stacie…hint, hint, plant seeds, plant seeds…lol.

    • Hey, I’d love to order custom vids, from any of the above named models or Pantera, or Vivian, but I’m about as poor as a church mouse, and I so can’t afford it. Now if you could arrange for me to win a powerball, or better yet arrange to get me an executive position at a bank or insurance company…. I wouldn’t have to be there long, mind you, just long enough to collect one $100,000,000 “retention award” or whatever they’re calling their bonuses at the moment. (I think they keep changing the name of their bonuses in hopes of staving off the angry torch-bearing mobs who are wheeling up the guillotine in order to collect a few executive heads for display on pikes.)

      Sorry, didn’t mean to change the subject, but those people make me angry. They damn near torched our economy, but they keep collecting the big money, when what they should be doing now is selling apples or pencils on the streetcorner.

      Anyway, Nikki is truly something else. Perhaps the best new face in bondage since VIP first made her appearance.

  3. Sorry, John…hope my grousing about being in the same financial straits didn’t seem like begging on my part…I was going for the laugh.

    Those execs frustrate the hell out of me too…they should be suffering just like the rest of us, instead they just continue to milk us consumers until we bleed. I’m frustrated too. 🙁

    Glad you love Nikki…I do too. She’s a sweetheart in real life as well…one of my definite faves. 😉


    • Well, I just downloaded your Nikki Darling photoshoot. Wow, there are some great pictures there! But I have to say dude, your hands must have been shaking during the shot, cause some of them were, shall we say, just a bit fuzzy.

      Can’t say I blame you. I’d probably be dropping the camera. Not to mention the weakness in my knees.

      In any future shoots, any chance of getting this hottie into a schoolgirl outfit? And, of course, as she struggled, her skirt would ride up, revealing her cute little white…. But I get ahead of myself.

      Anyway, what a great set!

  4. The fuzzy pics are indeed a problem…but one that I have 99% licked. 😉 I’ll try to watch that in the future!

    “Schoolgirl” outfit? Dunno…I’ll see if she has that available for the next shoot!

  5. I agree with John. Any kind of skirt on Darling would be OK in my book. I love skirts rising so much, and with this girl it would be great!


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