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  1. Boy, oh boy, oh boy! Based on the only two pictures, I’ve seen of Nikki so far, I have to say that she does appear to have the right stuff.

    I’ve said it before, here and elsewhere, that the reason I think VIP is such a good model is that she is so very expressive in her shots. And in this kind of work, it’s a very fine line, she’s trying to tread. If she looks truly frightened, (as though she were in the hands of a serial killer or something), that can really destroy the fantasy. But she’s able to look frightened, but with just enough touch of melodrama to let us know that it’s all in good fun. And then we can all enjoy Viv being “kidnapped”.

    Nikki looks like she has the same ability. If she chooses to stick with this kind of modeling, she could be a real star. Those big eyes of hers already have me melting into my seat. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photoshoot.

    And as a point of interest, how long does it typically take from photoshoot to appearance on the site?

    Regarding the frozen pizza, I’m a traditionalist. Never cared that much for Totino’s, I’m your basic Tombstone man. And I love the Digorno’s with the thick crust. However, I do like Totino’s Pizza Rolls, far more than they deserve, probably.

  2. You mentioned “two pics”…check the entry with Stacie Snow and Nikki together…there’s one more pic of Nikki there (tho you’ve already seen it, come to think of it…it’s the pic that’s currently the Yahoo Group cover pic.

    Nikki is HAWT, isn’t she? She’s close to me (tho not as close as Stacie), so expect to see a lot of her in the months to come!

    To answer your question about the posting…I’d say around a month or so, give or take. I’ll be sure to keep you all appraised on when Nikki is set to hit the site!

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