6 comments on “One BIG HONKIN’ Update!

  1. Well, I saw your e’mail via Rope Dreams so naturally I came right over. Them’s is some good pictures.

    As far as fetish gear is concerned, well, I know you’re excited about getting it all, but I have to say that I’ve always preferred bondage in everyday sort of wear. And regular undies. And lacy type lingerie, preferably white. I’ve never been a huge fan of leather or vinyl, or studs. Although the one-piece that Stacy is wearing in the pictures above ain’t bad. But I’ve always liked the more vanilla type sexy stuff. You know, like a short teddy (a really short teddy) that just barely covers up her lady parts and not much else.

    Oh well, have fun with your new toys. Just don’t ever let me see a picture with you in ’em. I don’t think I could take that.

  2. Sounds like we’re very much alike, John. Although my next shoot was (before the fetish gear came into play) planned to be “normal wear”, I’ve been itching to do some lingerie stuff. We’ve already done black with a white background (with my sheets being white), maybe next I’ll buy some black sheets and have her dressed like you suggested…because honestly, what you described sounded GREAT.

    I will have fun with the new toys…but that won’t be the future of TucsonTied…just another shoot’s worth of pics. 😉

    And as for me wearing them…that’s only on alternate Thursdays. When the moon is blue. And Hell freezes over. 😉

  3. Nice photo shoot. when will you bring out the photo set of ms. stacie wearing red dress? btw, is the March 11, 2010 of stacie snow and the March 7, 2010 of lola lyn really don’t have a zip file? love to have those set. 🙂

  4. EFF ME!!! You’re right…I’ve sent my webmaster a note; those should be up very, VERY soon! I’ll post a note here when they’re up for grabs!

    THANK YOU for telling me this! We’re human here, folks and can have the occasional mishap. If you see something we don’t, drop me a line here like Guren has and we’ll fix it muy pronto!!!

  5. That was fast…lol. The two files you mentioned are now a part of the site…go get ’em!!

    I should also mention that the boots/leather pics are up as well….

  6. ‘Who’s domming WHOM tonight, dear? Stacie Snow’ is Beyond Exciting with its Dominatrix Bound Imagry! Thank you!!

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